ABAP Programming real time questions for SAP

Here are the list of sap abap programming real time Questions.

1. What is an internal table where do we use internal table with out header line?

2. Internal table events.

3. What is the difference between on change of field and at new field events?

4. What are data base objects.

5. What is the difference between data base objects and runtime objects?

6. What is the view? Different types of views.

7. Difference between database views and projection views.

8. What is buffering and advantages and disadvantages of buffering in case of data base object buffering.

9. Difference between data base tables and structure.

10. Reports and classical reports and interactive report.

Advantages of classical reports over interactive reports.

11. Reports and scripts you have mentioned in resume. (Each and every point in resume).

12. What is data base interface and the role it will play while retrieving data.

13. What is BDC where do we use session method? Advantage of session method over direct input method.

14. Where is the log file generated? Who will generate it and what is the advantage of log file.

15. What is function module and what is function group. What are the different types of parameters available in function builder and where do we use them.

16. What is RFC programming in ABAP? Write the coding.

17. What is function module ‘popup_to_conform_loss_of_data’ and where do we use it.

18. How u use LSMW tool. What are the advantages and dis-advantages of it?

19. Tell some statements define in ABAP programming language.

20. Have u worked on BDC. Where and what is the purpose.

21. What is cross application?

22. What area LDB'S is it recommended using them why?

23. ALE and EDI scenarios.

24. Can u configure the EDI subsystem? What is EDI subsystem if yes how?

25. What is the difference between IDOC types and IDOC views?

26. Have u heard of document tool. What is the use of it?

27. What is IDOC archiving?

28. Have us written IDOC extension code.

29. Can u able to write function module to generate IDOC.

Have u done any coding in ca.

30. General questions on BAPI, workflow depending on your knowledge.


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