SAP ABAP Sample Program for Order Cost Element Display

This sap abap program gives you some basic screenshots about a programming and its code for the order of cost element display.This report summarizes costs by cost element and shows the current, planned, and actual costs, as well as planned and actual credits, debits, and quantities for a maintenance order.

It shows the current status of the maintenance order as postings are made, regardless of when the accounting period closes. It also differentiates between settlement postings, and planned and actual costs. Planned costs are a result of planning labor hours, materials (stock reservations and purchase requisitions), and external services for maintenance order operations.

Actual costs are a result of time postings (through HR or through the PM confirmation screen), material issues, service entry confirmations, and purchase order receipts. If the maintenance order has actual cost postings, you can drill down to the relevant documents for more information. This will give you detailed information about when and by whom the entries were made, which postings were made, what materials were issued, what overhead costs or cost allocations were included in the cost calculations, etc.

For the cost overview report, you must define value categories in Customizing, and the cost elements for each value category. You must then assign the value categories to corresponding PM key figures for costs. This allows you to set up value categories which group together several cost-element accounts, and allocate one or more value categories to each PM key figure for costs.

For the order cost element report, you must define G/L accounts and cost elements, valuation and account determination (for materials configured), and valid prices (for activity types). You must then set up the configuration for maintenance order costs and maintenance work centers with appropriate cost calculation formulas.

When you run this report you will get a message saying The order has no costs if no planned or actual costs exist for the maintenance order. If there are planned costs, but no actual postings, the report displays these but you will not be able to drill down by line item.

You can use this report to obtain cost information while currently viewing a maintenance order. However, remember it is cost information as viewed from an accounting perspective. An alternate cost overview display allows you to configure the desired cost elements from a maintenance perspective.

The cost buckets (value categories) are defined in configuration and allow you to define which cost elements make up a value category to filter out unwanted cost elements or group together cost element accounts into one value category with a user-defined label. You can view this overview by choosing Cost Overview, or choosing Goto → Cost Overview from the central header screen of the order.

If you run this report from within the order, there is no selection screen. The system defaults to the controlling area and the order number. If you run this report with transaction GR55,report group 7K0Q, you will need to enter this information.This report contains data obtained from accounting and material documents. As such, you cannot manipulate the data.

To access the first screen for this report, choose Logistics → Plant maintenance → Maintenance processing → Orders → Change.
In both examples we show change transactions which are typically not regarded as reports. However, these transactions have been included for informational purposes only.
1. Enter 901913 in Order.
2. Choose Enter.

This screen shows the Central Header for the Change Maintenance order.
3. Choose Extras → Cost Reports → Plan/act. Comparison.

Planned costs, actual costs, and quantities for the order summarize by cost element and group by debit or credit postings.

4. Double-click on the Cost elements column header to drill down to further information about the posting.

In this example, we see the cost center and activity type for the time posted to the maintenance order.

5. If actual costs were posted, choose Line Items to further drill down and view the actual documents.

This screen shows the list of individual postings to the order.Fields in this list can be configured by creating user-defined display variants.

6. To change the appearance of this display, choose Settings → Display Variant → Current.