Organizational Challenges in Customer Relationship Management and MySAP

Maintaining Good Customer relationship management and marketing the business with crm has some Organizational Challenges and MySAP helps in solving this problems and makes the business better.

These organizational challenges can be overcome by the interplay of first class IT solutions and change management within the company it functions with the past experiences and IT like ERP SAP shall help in the process.

Marketing people generally change a job after two or three years and all the understanding that they got about marketing that particular product is not going to be useful for further use and the company has to look for new people and the cycle goes on. So knowledge management is a very serious issue with marketing and erp and crm shall help in taking the advantage of previous experiences. When the process of marketing the standard it is not going to make big difference when the person who is marketing is changed and training the new one is a easy task with proper systems in place.

Data and its availability make a big difference for companies operating in multiple regions and with out software erp and mysap help it is going to waste a lot of time in getting this data itself and actions will be delayed because of properly organized and formatted data and it will help the companies to take decisions faster.

Coordinate Marketing Supply Chain

Marketing-although previously an isolated unit within the company it is s a very active area with respect to coordinating activities with external partners Advertising agencies, graphic designers, suppliers, distribution channel partners, event organizers, and mail shops are Just a few examples of partners that work together with marketing. In the past, however, the coordination with external partners was only supported loosely by information technology, usually In the form of emails with attachments. This procedure is often comfortable, but also has its disadvantages, for example, when version or authorization checks are needed. Once an email is sent, one can no longer control its content and final destination.

Implement Technology Effectively without Stifling Creativity

Marketing professionals are naturally creative and are often reluctant when it comes to using technology to support their work Consequently, marketing software must not only be easy to use, but must also be seen as adding value to daily work without impeding individual creativity.

  1. Change from spreadsheets and file servers to planning applications and data warehouses.
  2. Segmentation tools for the standard marketing employee.
  3. Marketing calendar with graphical display.
  4. Integrate Marketing with other business Processes.

Marketing Application Areas In mySAP CRM

mySAP CRM offers a comprehensive, open, modular, and individually enhanceable solution for the entire marketing process It includes application services that reflect actual customer scenarios for the following functional areas.

  1. Market, customer and consumer analysis
  2. Marketing planning
  3. Customer and consumer segmentation
  4. Campaign and user promotions
  5. Trade promotions
  6. Lead management
  7. Personalization
  8. Campaign monitoring and success analysis
SAP's marketing solution is tightly Integrated with all other functions of mySAP CRM and can be accessed through all interaction channels. In particular, the comprehensive reporting and analytical functions of mySAP CRM, which can be used for extensive marketing analyses, should be emphasized.

Market, Customer, and Consumer Analysis

Companies amass large amounts of information and endeavor to understand and use them The analysis and reporting tools needed for this are frequently completely separated from the operational tools companies use to contact their target groups. This obviously causes difficulties for the operational use of the analysis results.

SAP has another method-solid analysis and reporting tools that are Integrated with the operational marketing tools, even at a conceptual level. Of course, isolated reporting can also take place for the sake of reporting, and operational activities can be carried out without analysis However, the combination of both tools offers companies significant competitive advantages.

SAP offers marketing a range of developed analytical functions for analyzing customers, consumers, segments, competitors, products, marketing channels, trends, profitability, and marketing data from third parties The foundation for these are laid by the analysis functions of mySAP Business Intelligence—SAP's combined solution for data warehousing and data evaluation, which Is an integral part of mySAP CRM.

mySAP CIV/ offers companies all the market analysis functions they need to be able to analyze and report on customer-related information, which is necessary to give them a better understanding of customer behavior and value Companies can use this information to plan campaigns, promotions, and events, make their customers better product proposals, increase customer satisfaction, raise the use and profitability of products, and retain customers in the long run .

Among the most Important marketing analysis functions of mySAP CRM are:

  1. Proactive alarm messages for problems and possibilities, combined with proposals for how to react best.
  2. Providing important performance indicators that enable the company to measure customer satisfaction, loyalty, and value.
  3. Advanced data mining functions that allow companies to model customer behavior, prevent customer churning, analyze product proposals, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Analysis of the efficiency of communication channels, which allows the company to contact customers at the nght time and using the right channels.
  5. Portfolio analysis for a greater understanding of the company's own product and service offers.
  6. Analysis of customer relationship value over its entire duration to secure long term profitability.
  7. Web site monitoring to improve the effectiveness of Web-based marketing.
  8. Integration with financial reporting systems for proper ROI reporting.
  9. Orientation of campaigns to goals.

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Marketing and ERP MySAP CRM Features

Marketing a product after launching is a important part of the business and the world best ERP's business module CRM helps a lot in planning and executing this process. The Difficulties of Changing the Perception of Marketing Despite its potential to improve company value and market capitalization, marketing faces its own difficulties and challenges Some of these difficulties are surpnsingly different from the challenges that other company functions must confront.

The reason for the perception of neglecting the marketing is that marketing does not have to hold itself accountable. Moreover, marketing is one of the few—perhaps, even the only enterprise functions that has its own easily accessible budget. It is the only enterprise function that neither knows exactly what its budget was spent on, nor how efficiently it was spent.

Another important reason for a lack of respect for marketing Is the very culture of marketing For example, when marketing professionals resist the use of modern, tool-supported business processes for planning and measuring success because it stifles marketing creativity, they run the risk of being laughed at by other enterprise functions that could no longer exist were it not for today's constantly improving and IT-supported business processes There »s still no solution for this schism between marketing and the other departments of a company There Is also no secret recipe to measure exactly.

The contribution margin of an advertising campaign. What we do have, however, is a growing range of increasingly mature and usable tools that support marketing professionals, marketing organizations, and enterprises The answer to the many challenges facing marketing is in the implementation of efficient business processes that are based on powerful IT solutions.

Operational Challenges in marketing the business are
  1. Optimization of resources for marketing activities
  2. Increasing brand value
  3. New customer acquisition
  4. Optimization of consumer and customer demand
  5. Management of the offer portfolio
Three procedures often come into play when acquiring new customers:

  1. Finding new customers with a similar profile to existing customers who contribute to making the company profitable
  2. Expanding to new Customer segments
  3. Expanding in new geographical regions
Before they can find new customers with a profile similar to that old existing customers who add to the company's profitability, companies must know which of their customers actually contributes to profit. A guideline is the old rule of thumb:

8 0 % of the profit comes from 2 0 % of the customers The challenge Is, therefore, to determine which customers belong to this 2 0 % and which new prospects have a similar profile to customers who contribute a profit to the company. To do this, you need a complete view of the customer base, supported by advanced segmentation and analysis tools. You also need a way to obtain information on prospects with similar characteristics to those of the existing customers wtio add profit to the company.

You must have the means by which to attract these potential customers, i.e., a convincing service offer. The expansion into new market segments also offers possibilities for growth. For example. In this way, a normally conservative bank can use a convincing Internet offer to persuade busy young workers to purchase its core products. A diaper manufacturer can use technology to open up new markets and target groups, such as incontinence products for senior citizens. Factors such as careful analysis of market possibilities and price as well as production capacity influence the decision on whether to expand into new customer segments.

The interaction of supply and demand can be optimized only if there is a working bridge between marketing or promotion planning and demand planning in the supply chain Effective analysis and segmentation applications that support the identification of customer segments with significant increase potential are also part of the technological software answer to the challenges of demand optimization. Another part Is the powerful product proposal functionality.

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List of FICO reports for SAP ABAP Programming

FICO is the important module of SAP erp and more ever a very important part of any business organization and it stand for finance and control. We can extract the data from SAP systems using the pre existing reports and by modifying them as per the need of the customer . It is the job of the SAP ABAP programmer and here is the list of pre defined abap program's t o extract data as per the need. It is the list compiled here for the reference.

fico internal summery report sap abap

sap finance cost center summery report

SAP FICO cost center actual line items report

Cost center overview sap fico report

Vendor balance in local currency report

Vendor open items sap abap report

Customer balance in local currency report

Customer open items report in sap abap

Account receivable information system sap abap report

Customer open item analysis report in erp sap

General ledger balance report in

General ledger account balance report for fico of sap abap

fico general ledger line items for mysap erp

General ledger account balance report of ABAP

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Customer Relationship Management Software and Interaction with Customer

Customer Relationship management software is very much essential in the present day's competitive market and MySAP CRM is one of the finest software which satisfies the needs of business people.

The development of customer relationships runs in customer interaction cycles that include the phases marketing and sales order management, and service.A customer relationship is started with first contact with a prospect who has decided to buy a product or take advantage of a service. According to their impressions of the first business transaction, the customers are open to further business relationships.

The effect that customer relationship management (CRM) has on the customer's perception of the vendor and how this estimation manifests itself in the customer's buying behavior,can encourage the vendor to build on and further develop the customer relationship via purposeful interaction.

Each time a customer interacts with a company, the customer has certain expectations of the products and services These expectations are either confirmed satisfactorily.

The greater the ties between customer and company, the less the potential for losing a customer after a one time mistake. If a company fails to meet customer expectations even once, this can especially given today s market conditions-cause long term customers to move over to the competition. Therefore, the activities surrounding each business transaction are critical for the long-term success of the company .

In each cycle of the the above steps the customer interaction cycle continues with marketing, sales, order processing, and customer service Marketing recognizes potential customers and draws their attention to the company.

After sales closes the business agreement, the delivery and service commitments are fulfilled and billed during the order processing phase. The after-sales area provides services and supports customers after they make their purchases.

In further interaction cycles, marketing contacts regular or occasional customers, submits them specific offers, or suggests additional or higher-value products Sales monitors the individual customer status, for example, long-term contracts or special discount margins, during the quotation creation. After order fulfillment, customers can use the services offered as part of the service contracts or receive special services given to longtime customers loyal to the vendor.

mySAP CRM helps to develop all phases of the interaction cycle in the sense of optimizing customer relationship management including customers, employees, and business partners.

Marketing is a very important part of the business that the Companies will try to gain this new territory can reap rich rewards. Marketing is a decisive strategic driving force for company success, a fact confirmed by the ever-increasing number of successful companies that invest heavily in extensive global marketing management.

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