Adapters in SAP XI Introduction

“One that adapts, such as a device used to effect operative compatibility between different parts of one or more pieces of apparatus.” An XI Adapter enables compatibility between the XI Integration Server and an application system As such, the use of the XI Integration Server in conjunction with selected adapters enables the compatibility between heterogeneous business systems Adapters are essential in the vast majority of today’s customer scenarios.

Adapters are at the core of any integration scenario. Any customer scenario where external applications are present is a use-case for adapters.

Adapters converts messages from the XI Protocol (SOAP with attachments over HTTP) to the
respective protocol “spoken” by the application system, and vice-versa.

The XI Integration Server itself would have very little purpose if the surrounding adapters were
not present (unless all application systems are based on SAP WebAS 6.20 or above, and use proxy interfaces to communicate – which is not yet a reality in customer landscapes).

The key premise of XI is its very nature to integrate heterogeneous systems, and the adapters are the enabling technology to do this.



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