Is Satyam Raju is a cheater ?

First time after creation of this blog i would like to deviate from the core ABAP topic here. This is to cross check once about the character of Sayam's Rama Linga Raju.

This man named his group as the synonym of truth and never appeared like deviating from the values what he believed.

He has taken the name of andhra pradesh to new heighs and we are still proud to have this man on our soil.

He has not had his life in a highly lavished manner and always down to the ground in terms of character and behaviour.

He may have cooked the books for the sake of brand but we the andhra pradesh people still don't believe that he used that money for his own sake.

Don't mean to say what he has done is correct and want to say give him a chance at least to expalin what went wrong.

Very much disturbed to see the news spreding saying that Raju is a cheat and going home for holidays with a heavy heart .

People might say that the service he is making in the name of Birraju foundation is also for the sake of tax but it is changing the face rural India.

At this hour of crisis I want to express my solidarity to Satyam Staff and simply to put Satyam is a dream of Indains and in specific Andhra pradesh people and let us don't to see this dream collapsing.

Let us be patient for few more days and give some time to settee down every thing and we want to see the truth coming out and up to that I would like to give him benefit of doubt.

What do say dear friends ?


  1. yes lets wait before we judge anything.

  2. I totally agree. Whatever happened to the notion that a man is deemed innocent until proven guilty? The press, polity and all and sundry are out to condemn the man who they were, till last week, praising to high skies. Well, whether or not Mr.Raju is a cheat is moot, yet what he did for the Andhra Pradesh IT industry cannot be denied. And even if the service activities were for tax purposes, they were still very effective. At least give the man his due.

    By the way, thanks for this wonderful blog. It has been invaluable to me.

  3. Hi boss what u said is exactly wright and we have to wait for some time to settle down and people has to understand him and they have to remember what he had done to the state in the past.I hope god will bless Mr.raju to come out from this obstacle.

  4. well ...being a telugu person myself i express solidarity for the satyam staff...
    but from the outside there is no way u can bypass the law and leave w/o punishment.

    i don know what was the purpose behind the scandal..for that fact i don care..what he did is against law and should be punished.

    regarding the company ....i respect it a lot and hopeall da good in da world happnes to the ppl of satyam...

    i hope the new board takes the right decisions ..