If you want to see the paragraph format in the editor, request it using the parameter SHOWTPFM.
Possible values:

'X' display format of template lines
' ' suppress format information of template lines
APP_NEXT: activate menu function Next text

The calling program tells the SAPscript editor that a subsequent text àexists for the current text. This activates the menu function Goto Next text in the editor.
Possible values:

'X' subsequent text exists
' ' no subsequent text exists
This field applies only to texts edited on the TA interface.

APP_PREV: activate menu function Previous text

The calling program tells the SAPscript editor that a previous text exists Previousàfor the current text. This activates the menu function Goto text in the editor.
Possible values:

'X' previous text exists
' ' no previous text exists
This field applies only to texts edited on the TA interface.


After leaving the SAPscript editor, you can use the parameter RESULT to evaluate status information. The editor returns this information in the structure ITCER.

FUNCTION: change information on the text module

This field indicates the function executed on the transferred text module.
Possible values:

'D' The transferred text was deleted.
'I' The system transferred an empty lines table into which text lines were inserted.
'U' An existing text was changed and saved.
' ' The text remained unchanged.
USEREXIT: exit status of the editor

he field contains the function which the user chose to leave the SAPscript editor.
Possible values:

'C' user chose function Cancel
'B' user chose function Back
'E' user chose function Exit
'N' user chose function Next text
'P' user chose function Previous text


This section contains a detailed description of the function modules used by SAPscript.
For easier navigation, click on the individual function modules to open another window.

READ_TEXT Reads a text module and passes it to the specified work areas.
READ_TEXT_INLINE Like READ_TEXT. In addition, it passes the first few text lines to a second lines table.
READ_REFERENCE_LINES Reads the text lines of a reference text and passes them to the specified lines table.
SAVE_TEXT Saves a text.
DELETE_TEXT Deletes a text.
COPY_TEXTS Copies a text.
SELECT_TEXT Finds the texts for an application object.
REFER_TEXT Creates a reference to another text.
RENAME_TEXT Renames the text in the text memory.
COMMIT_TEXT Creates for all texts in the text memory the call of an appropriate update module.
INIT_TEXT Initializes the internal work areas for a text.
Editor call
EDIT_TEXT Calls the text editor.
EDIT_TEXT_INLINE Merges the inline lines with the other text lines and calls the text editor.
Consistency check
CHECK_TEXT_AUTHORITY Checks the authorization for standard texts.
CHECK_TEXT_ID Checks whether the specified text ID is valid.
CHECK_TEXT_LANGUAGE Checks whether the specified text language is valid.
CHECK_TEXT_OBJECT Checks whether the specified text object is valid.
CHECK_TEXT_NAME Checks whether the specified text name is valid.
Editing functions
TEXT_SYMBOL_COLLECT Finds the variable symbols that occur in a text.
TEXT_SYMBOL_PARSE Checks whether a character string is a SAPscript symbol.
TEXT_SYMBOL_REPLACE Replaces symbols in a text with their values.
TEXT_SYMBOL_SETVALUE Defines the value of a text symbol.
TEXT_CONTROL_REPLACE Replaces control statements in a text (IF, CASE ...).
TEXT_INCLUDE_REPLACE Replaces INCLUDE control statements by the text lines of the corresponding text.
PRINT_TEXT Formats a text for output.
PRINT_TEXT_ITF Prints a text in the internal ITF format.
Layout set functions
OPEN_FORM Opens the layout set output.
CLOSE_FORM Ends the layout set output.
START_FORMprog06e.doc030>howto Starts a new layout set.
WRITE_FORM Calls a layout set element.
WRITE_FORM_LINES Writes text lines into a layout set.
END_FORM Ends the current layout set.
CONTROL_FORM Sends a control statement to the layout set.
READ_FORM_ELEMENTS Finds the elements of a layout set.
READ_FORM_LINES Passes the lines of a layout set elements into an internal lines table.
CONVERT_TEXT Converts texts between different formats.
CONVERT_TEXT_R2 Converts texts between R/3 format (SAPscript) and R/2 format.
CONVERT_OTF_MEMORY Converts the formatted text (OTF format).
EXCHANGE_ITF Exchanges the paragraph and character formats of a text with those of another style or layout set.
IMPORT_TEXT Imports texts.
EXPORT_TEXT Exports texts.
TRANSFER_TEXT Uploads/Downloads texts.



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