The declaration of valid combinations is done to allow validation, if the system can handle a certain combination.

The combination of message type and IDoc type determine the processing algorithm. This is usually a function module with a well defined interface or a SAP business object and is set up in table EDIFCT.The entry made here points to a function module which will be called when the IDoc is to be processed.

The entries for message code and message function are usually left blank. They can be used to derive sub types of messages together with the partner profile used. Figure  Assign a handler function to a message/message type The definition for inbound and outbound IDocs is analogous. Of course, the function module will be different.

uses the method of logical process codes to detach the IDoc processing and the processing function module. They assign a logical name to the function instead of specifying the physical function name.
The IDoc functions are often used for a series of message type/IDoc type combination. It is necessary to replace the processing function by a different one. E.g. when you make a copy of a standard function to avoid modifying the standard. The combination message type/IDoc will determine the logical processing code, which itself points to a function. If the function changes, only the definition of the processing codes will be changed and the new function will be immediately effective for all IDocs associated with the process code.

For inbound processing codes you have to specify the method to use for the determination of the inbound function.

This is the option you would usually choose. It allows processing via the ALE scenarios.

 After defining the processing code you have to assign it to one or several logical message types. This declaration is used to validate, if a message can be handled by the receiving system.The inbound processing code is assigned analogously. The processing code is a pointer to a function module which can handle the inbound request for the specified IDoc and message type.

The definition of the processing code is identifying the handler routine and assigning a serious of processing options.You need to click "Processing with ALE", if your function can be used via the ALE engine. This is the option you would usually choose. It allows processing via the ALE scenarios.

Associate a function module with a process code For inbound processing you need to indicate whether the function will be capable of dialog processing. This is meant for those functions which process the inbound data via call transaction. Those functions can be replayed in visible batch input mode to check why the processing might have failed.


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