ERP Implementation Process and its Advantages

Justify Full Implementing enterprise resource planning is a big and challenging job and it has to be implemented in different stages in the company or business entity.

There are standard practices in erp implementation and following them is advisable.They are being developed after a through study and company shall consider them.
The first stage of basic erp implementation is done in phases in major areas like sales,materiel procurement,scheduling,finance and accounting departments.

In second state of implementation sales and supply chain integration is done with erp.

In stage three extensions are made for the existing erp strategy.

There is no limit for phase three of erp implementation and it is a continuous process.

Before going for erp implementation the

1. Management team shall learn about erp in detail.
2. Vision document shall be prepared.
3. Cost and benefit analysis shall be made.

If the company is happy about this analysis, it shall commit for implementation in a aggressive way in a stipulated time frame.

ERP implementation shall be scheduled by business function and not by software installation.

Let the general manager who is the project leader of the erp project guide the software company about ES software installation which phase first and taking the business function as a priority is most important thing.

ERP is not computer software installation but a management project which helps them to perform better.

To implement ERP companies prefer using staggered approach and it has several advantages.

The advantages of implementing enterprise resource planning in the staggered approach are

1.ERP can be implemented quickly.
2.Resources avilable can be used effectively.
3.Meterial requirement planning can be done easily as one plant one time.
4.Employes who praticipated previouly in the process can teach to the others.

Sales and operatons is first priority which does not need enterprise software and will start showing results quickly.

Some times to get business function we need a new software or modifications for existing sofrware and it has to be seen in terms of business function.

Documenting the old business process in detail before ERP implementation may waste a lot of time and only important things shall be documented.Even new ERP system need not be documented in detail and identifing proper erp tools required for the business is important.

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