EDI Architecture

SAP provides the application logic, application data, and format for the data contents for EDI. Third−party software vendors supply the other pieces. EDI−enabled applications in SAP are capable of generating IDoc (Intermediate Document) data from an SAP document or reading IDoc data and creating application documents.

The application must understand the syntax and semantics of the data in the IDoc format. In the case of outbound processes, a separate selection program reads application data and creates an IDoc, as shown in Figure below. Similarly, for inbound processes, a posting program reads IDoc data to create an application document.

In the standard SAP system, several EDI−enabled applications in various modules are capable of generating and processing IDoc data, but all EDI documents are not supported. It is very likely that SAP supports the business process but not the creation or processing of IDocs. However, with every release of SAP, the list of supported IDocs grows considerably.

Note An application that is not EDIenabled can be enabled by developing the selection and posting programs and IDoc structures. SAP provides a comprehensive set of tools for developing IDocs and programs.

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