EDI of SAP Inbound Process

Entries for the inbound file are optional. The entries specify the name and location of the IDoc file for an inbound process. We do not use these values because the subsystem provides a fully qualified path name and file name when it triggers the inbound process via startrfc.

If the subsystem does not provide other values, these specified values are used. we also use these values during testing, so it might be worthwhile to specify this option for the test port. The various fields on the Inbound File tab are as follows.

Logical Directory: This field defines the directory path where the IDoc file will be present. We define a logical directory by using transaction FILE.

Physical Directory : This field defines the physical directory path where the IDoc file will be present. For the physical directory name, enter the fully qualified directory path. The directory path must be accessible to the SAP user ID specified in the startrfc command on the inbound process.

Function Module : SAP provides a dynamic file−naming option, which ensures that every file has a unique file name.

Inbound File: we can specify a fixed file name to be used for all your inbound IDocs. This item is useful during testing only. In a production environment, you leave this entry blank and use dynamic file names.

Triggering the Inbound Process by the Subsystem:

The subsystem triggers the SAP system in two situations. They are

1.The EDI subsystem has converted an EDI document to an IDoc file format for an inbound process. This file must be passed to the SAP system to start the inbound process in SAP.

2· An outbound IDoc was passed to the subsystem in a file format. The subsystem has converted the file into an EDI document and transmitted the EDI document to the business partner. The subsystem now must report the status of the process at every milestone to SAP, so that SAP has visibility into the process after it leaves the SAP boundaries. The subsystem creates a status file to report the status to SAP.

We carry out these two tasks by using startrfc, a generic program supplied by SAP. This program resides on the operating system and can trigger any RFC−enabled function module synchronously. SAP provides two function modules that act as entry points for an inbound process, specifically for the two tasks just described.(68)

The function modules are


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