CRM in MySAP Complete Course

CRM management software's are many in the market and MYSAP solutions are great tools of crm for best results.Customer Relationship Management is a very important part of any business to make the profits better. Enterprise resource planning is a new way of thinking business terms and providing the best service to the customers to make them happy and come back to you. There are many erp software's and MySAP is a leading ERP software with wonderfully integrated crm management software module.

Here is the list of topics about CRM, its different software's and advantage of mysap erp and its crm module.

What is Customer Relationship Management Overview and Introduction

Customer Relationship Management and mysap an introduction
CRM Management and sales and service strategy of mysap crm
MySAP CRM and customer as business partner
How Customer Relationship management makes company Leader
CRM Uses and how to get best results with CRM
CRM software solutions and mysap advantage

MySAP CRM and customer relationship management
My SAP CRM , Business Scenarios and SAP Solutions
Business View and
Customer Relationship Management Software and Interaction with Customer
Marketing and erp mysap crm options
Organizational Challenges with crm and mysap crm solutions
My sap crm and marketing planning

MySAP CRM System architecture and design
MySAP CRM architecture and E procurement introduction
MySAP CRM E procurement
MySAP CRM business intelligence at work
CRM data administration in mysap and business intelligence

CRM Part One

SAP CRM Business Transactions
 SAP CRM marketing Management Campaign
SAP CRM Internet sales Features
SAP CRM interaction center overview
SAP CRM Mobile sales and serviceRoles in SAP CRM
 SAP CRM Organizational Model

CRM Part Two

SAP CRM Organizational management
SAP CRM Territory Management 
CRM Product manager
CRM Business Transactions
 CRM Activity Administration in SAP
SAP CRM Partner Processing
SAP CRM Pricing
SAP CRM Actions
CRM Billing Process overview
CRM Middle ware overview
 CRM Middle ware administration and technical overview
CRM Middle ware Data Load and Monitoring
SAP Solution Manager Overview
People Centric SAP CRM Introduction
CRM Technical Infrastructure

CRM Part Three

CRM Sales Cycle Management
CRM Sales opportunity management
Sales process in Quotation and order management in CRM
Sales quotation management in CRM
SAP CRM Sales Order Management
CRM Sales features in quotation and order management
CRM Sales Contract Administration for SAP
Incentives and commission management in sales using CRM
CRM Web interaction Center Overview
CRM Interaction Center Agent Perform
CRM Technical Architecture

CRM Part Four

CRM Interaction Center Agent Perform
 CRM Technical Architecture 
CRM IC Web Client Marketing and Sales
CRM Interaction Center Support and service 
Creating Web Client Profile for SAP CRM
CRM Communication Architecture
CRM agent inbox in Interaction Center
CRM Rule Modeler in Interaction Center 
CRM Category Modeler for Web Client
CRM Interaction Center Management
SAP CRM Software Architecture

Part Five

Mobile Scenarios in SAP CRM 
Connecting Mobile Clients to SAP CRM
Administering Sites for Mobile Users in CRM
CRM Middle ware for Mobile Replication
CRM Mobile Replication Architecture 
CRM Middle ware Monitors 
CRM Middle ware replication Modeling
CRM Middle ware Software Distribution

Part Six

CRM Middle ware System Architecture
CRM Middle ware Enhancement
CRM Middle ware Data Flow
 CRM Middle ware Modelling 
CRM Adapter Overview 
CRM Software Logistics and support

Part Seven

SAP CRM Technology Overview
CRM Data Exchange with SAP R/3
CRM Data Exchange via Adapter
CRM E commerce Introduction
CRM Interaction Center System  Architecture
CRM Field Sales
People Centric SAP CRM
Analytical SAP CRm Overview
SAP CRM Solution Monitoring
CRM Backup Restoring System

Part Eight

MySAP CRM Marketing Introduction
Marketing and Advertizing in CRM
MySAP CRM Marketing Calender
SAP CRM Marketing Analytics
SAP CRM Marketing Personalized E mail
SAP CRM Marketing Segmentation
CRM Marketing Proposals
CRM Marketing and lead management

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