SAP Business Process Delta Process

In  SAP Business Process Delta Process, By way of securing data integrity, a delta initialization or delta request replicates all the new line items that were previously posted from line items at the time t (t = 30 minutes). This retention period of 30 minutes is often described as a "security delta" and is represented in the schema by the yellow bars. Since a delta update is scheduled every night after the daily posting processes, the retention period does not disrupt the day's business.

The security delta also comes into use when you build summarization levels. If the delta initialization can be covered by the summarization level, the replica "inherits" the security delta from the summarization level.Please note that D1 and D4 cover more data than before in the diagram above. However, the delta initialization is usually faster if the data can be retrieved from a summarization level.Please also note that the availability of a summarization level is checked at the time of extraction.You must make sure,Ÿ that a relevant summarization level is active and available if the Data Source is using the required aggregation (> 1:3 compared to the single line items). that the data on the "best" summarization level is up-to-date, so as to avoid unnecessarily large D1 and D4.

"Delta method" in Account-based CO-PA

The accounting-based Data Sources only support the "Full" update mode.The indicator is set for delta compatibility, but an attempt to load a delta or an initialization will trigger the error message RD150.Ÿ A delta process for medium-sized volumes of data can be simulated if you delete requests for the last period from the InfoCube and carry out another full update for the period.A summarization level is required as the source for a full update. You cannot access line items directly.

Delta support is scheduled for R/3 ³ 4.0B with PI 2000.2 (2.1C).You must select a fixed value for KOKRS and PERIO:

for KOKRS, because accounting-based summarization levels are always restricted to a controlling area (compulsory)
for PERIO, because only the most up-to-date completed periods are transferred.

BW: Selection Restriction

As of Release 2.0B, it is possible to make selections for the delta initialization, full and delta updates. Full updates can be carried out with various selections; in a cycle in which the delta initializations and delta updates switch over, the selections must, however, be the same for all requests.  This is the exactly the same process that drill down reporting in CO-PA would take on.Please note that there may be performance problems because of the index structure in the CE1xxxx-,CE2xxxx- and CE4xxxx tables.

The extra index MANDT+PAOBJNR for CE1xxxx and CE2xxxx supports all types of requests as long as no selections are applied.Ÿ Selecting in Info Packages requires additional indexing sometimes.Ÿ There may be situations where delta initializations and delta requests cannot be dealt with effectively with one index structure for the CO-PA tables. In any case, you are recommended to carry out testing with productive data.

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