Creating IDocs and ALE Interface from BAPI

There is a very powerful utility which allows you to generate most IDoc and ALE interface objects directly from a BAPI’s method interface.Every time BAPI is executed, the ALE distribution is checked.

For each of the parameters in the BAPI's interface, the generator created a segment for the IDoc type. Some segments are used for IDoc inbound only; others for IDoc outbound instead. Parameter fields that are not structured will be combined in a single segment which is placed as first segment of the IDoc type and contains all these fields. This collection segment receives the name of the IDoc type.

Defining Filter Rules :

ALE allows you to define simple filter and transformation rules. These are table entries which are processed every time the IDoc is handed over to the port. Depending on the assigned path, this happens either on inbound or outbound.Using the OLE/Active-X functionality of R/3 you can call R/3 from any object aware language.Actually it must be able to do DLL calls to the RFC libraries of R/3. SAP R/3 scatters the documentation for these facilities in several subdirectories of the SAPGUI installation.R/3 can exchange its IDoc by calling a program that resides on the server The programs can be written in any language that supports OLE-2/Active-X technology Programming skills are mainly required on the PC side, e.g. you need to know Delphi, JavaScript or Visual Basic well .


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