Real Time Interview Questions SAP ABAP part three

36) In call transaction there r totally 10 records. While processing it if system crashes after 5th record, is it possible to start again from 6th record.

A) NO, it is not possible to start from 6th record; again we have to restart the process from first record.

37)Is multiple page format is possible in SAP SCRIPTS.

A) Not possible in sap scripts.

38)what do u mean by tabs in paragraph formats.

A) These tabs r similar to the word processing tabs.Only exception is in tabs we can give the user defined gaps.

39)what is the difference between TABLE CONTROLS and STEPLOOPS.

A) Table controls is the enhanced version of step loops.

Table control is the look and feel of a table.

40)Give an example of GET CURSOR in interactive report.

A)it is used to call a report with in a report or to call a transaction from d.

41)what do u mean by selection text.

A)generally selection text will have 8 characters which doesn’t give any meaningful message to the end user .here we use selection text.

42)how do u dynamically inactive fields in selection screen.


43)Which event is equivalent of PBO in reports.


44)What is the purpose of START_FORM in scripts.

A)to print several identical forms containing different data with single SPOOL REQUEST. EX: portrait, landscape. When we have a requirement of printing layout sets with different page formats then in the print program call each one individually using START_FORM.

45)What do u mean by extended table maintenance.

A) extended table maintenance is a tool used to maintain (create,delete,insert) the data in the database tables through data dictionary only possible when table maintenance flag is set in attributes of table definition.


1)if it is single table utilities -> extended table maintenance

2)for multiple tables create a maintenance view.

3)go with SE54(modal dialog box generator)

one step table maintenance dialog: only one maintenance screen is processed during extended table maintenance.the entries are displayed in list form.

Two step maintenance: two maintenance screens are processed . 1st one is overview screen , the entries are displayed in list form.

In 2nd screen one entry is displayed .

49)when u transport a object will the text elements are also transported.

A)most of the times they are not transported .so ,it is suggested to transport them individually.

50)how do u transport scripts across landscapes(between different servers).

A)by using a program RSTXSERP. By using this program we download the script into flat file on operating system level. Again we upload this using the same program into thereceiving system.


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