SAP CRM Technical Architecture

SAP CRM Technical Architecture helps with computer Telephony Integration (CTI) between the phone and CRM system allows a name center agent to control his phone straight from the CRM application. This has the following advantages:
  1. Simplified operation: The agent no longer has to keep switching from the phone to the SAP GUI, but moderately can carry out the whole process from the CRM application.
  2. Automatic recognition of caller: The agent shortly gets an outline of the caller customer knowledge by method of the automated recognition of a caller by his phone number. This increases service quality and buyer satisfaction.
  3. Outgoing calls: Manually entering the telephone number is now not mandatory, as the enterprise accomplice can be called directly from the CRM application.ÎCTI will increase the productiveness and service quality of a call center.
On the system aspect, an interface between the phone system and the CRM application server is a prerequisite.There are two alternate options for telephony integration with SAPphone:
  1. Utilizing a CTI solution that provides a gateway between the SAPphone RFC interface and the phone system interface.
  2. Using a TAPI-based solution. TAPI stands for Telephony Application Programming Interface and is an interface defined by Microsoft for telephony applications. Offered the producer of the phone system affords a TAPI service provider, this resolution might be considered. The SAPphone server is a software program part delivered by SAP that establishes a connection between SAPphone and TAPI.
Current info on certified partners for both scenarios may be present in SAPNet under the alias

A SAPphone work center establishes a connection between the agent extension and the agent’s laptop (SAP GUI). This project is necessary in order that the incoming call will be displayed on the right client.For finishing up telephony features, it is necessary that the system is conscious of the connection between a computer and the corresponding phone; that is, the work middle have to be identifiable. The variety of work center identification relies on the GUI used and may be set in Customizing. The next options are attainable:
  1. Identification through registry entries
  2. Identification via the computer host name
  3. Identification via the consumer
  4. Non permanent identification via logon (session)
The ideal state of affairs can be to make use of .When creating a work heart, either a SAPphone work center ID is stored within the registry of the related PC, or the distinctive computer host identify is saved within the SAP system. Nonetheless, these two identification sorts can't be used for all GUIs.SAPconnect affords a direct connection to the Web through the Web Software Server SMTP plug-in.You can send and receive Internet mails immediately through this connection.As of SAP Net Utility Server 6.10, SMTP will be supported straight by the kernel of the SAP system. Thus it's attainable to trade e-mails between the SAP system and every SMTP-appropriate mail server without using any extra external components. The SAP system transfers outbound electronic mail to a single mail server, while inbound e-mail can be acquired by any variety of mail servers.The alternate of faxes and textual content messages (pager/SMS) can be possible via STMP as of SAP Web Application Server 6.20. Faxes and messages are packed into e-mails for this purpose.

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