SAP ABAP Business Add-Ins Filter Dependent

The basics of this concept are discussed as BADI IMPLEMENTATION CONCEPTS and you can go through this before proceeding for this.

Business Add-Ins may be implemented depending on a specific filter value. If the standard allows for an enhancement for, for example, country-specific versions, it is likely that various partners will want to implement this enhancement Distinct implementations can then be created and activated according to country.

Enter a filter type when defining your enhancement (a country or industry sector, for example). All methods created in the enhancement's interface have filter value 'FLT_VAL' as their import parameter. The application program provides the filter value to the enhancement method. The method then selects the active implementation for that value.

A description follows of how a filter-dependent Business Add-In works in the context of the string conversion example. In the following example, different implementations will be called using different filter values.

To define a filter-dependent Business Add-In, first create a normal Business Add-In and select the Filter checkbox.

Enter the data element you want as a filter type or select a filter type using the possible entries help. A filter type can be a data element or a structure. A data element must fulfill the following criteria:

1 · The data element's domain may contain a maximum of 30 characters and must be of type Character.

2 · The data element must 1). either have a search help with a search help parameter of the same type as the data element and this parameter must serve as both the import and export parameter or 2). the element's domain must have fixed domain values or a value table containing a column with the same type as the data element.

If need be, you can create such data elements yourself.

If you want to call the implementation of a Business Add-In depending not only on one filter value but on various values, you can enter the name of a structure into the Filter type field. The
structure can consist of several data elements that fulfull the above conditions for data elements.

Now create an interface with a method. Be aware that for each method you create in the interface of a filter-dependent enhancement, the appropriate filter value must be defined as the import parameter so that the application program can provide the filter value to the enhancement method. The method then selects the active implementation for that value.

This discussion will be continued in further posts.

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