SAP ABAP Business Add-Ins Filter Dependent part two

This post is in continuation with SAP ABAP BUSINESS ADD INS WITH FILTER DEPENDENT and it is highly advisable to go through it first.

The filter value is declared using parameter flt_val and is preset in the list of parameters.

Calling a Filter-Dependent Business Add-In from an Application Program

The filter value is passed to the method as export parameter.

Report businessaddin.

class cl_exithandler definition load.

data flt type usa_land.

data exit type ref to if_ex_businessaddin.

data word(15) type c value 'Business Add-in'.


perform formatlist.

call method cl_exithandler=>get_instance

changing instance = exit.

write:/'Please click here'.

at line-selection.


write:/ 'Original word: ',word.

call method exit->method


flt_val = flt.


parameter = word.

write:/ 'Changed word: ',word.

The subroutine formatlist looks like this:

form formatlist.

write:/'USA -> Conversion to upper case'.

flt = 'USA'.

hide flt.

write :/'Ireland -> Conversion to lower case'.

flt = 'Ireland'

hide flt.

write :/'Italy -> Conversion to...'

flt = 'Italy'.

hide flt.


In the next post i will be discussing the implementation of the BADI.

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