SAP ABAP EDI Testing Outbound Process part two

We have discussed about SAP ABAP EDI outbound process testing part one and this discussion is in continuation with that.

How do we verify that Idoc is generated or not ?

If we extended the IDoc selection program via user exits, modified it, or created a new one, this step allows you to debug our program logic.Transaction code for testing IDOC generation is WE15 and the menu path is From the Area menu of EDI, choose Test, Outbound from MC.

We can also test this step by executing the RSNAST00 program via transaction SE38 or by directly executing transaction WE15 and it step processes the NAST entries we have created in the preceding step and calls the selection program for that message.For example, IDOC_OUTPUT_ORDERS will be called for message type ORDERS.

After a NAST record has been processed successfully, the record can be resent either by selecting the Send Again check box without creating a new document or by going into the application document again.

If an error occurs during the execution of RSNAST00, it creates an output log that is displayed on the screen and we can also find extended help on each record of the log by clicking the Documentation button.Another possibility is that syntax errors have been found in the IDoc. The IDoc will be in status 26 (Error during Syntax Check of IDoc). We use transaction WE02 to display IDocs in the system. The status record in the IDoc tells you whether syntax errors were generated for the IDoc.

If you are testing a standard SAP−supplied program, errors at this stage are rarely due to program logic. The possible causes of the errors are

1.The partner profile has an incorrect process code. You can perform a syntax check on the partner profile.

2· The application document has been deleted. Display the application document to confirm that the document exists.

3·The application document contains an inconsistency. For example, partner functions might not have been defined.

4· The program logic has errors. If you have developed your own selection program or extended the standard program via user exits, check the program logic for errors.

If this step works correctly, a success message will appear in the output log window and we can then use transaction WE02 to display the IDoc. It must be in status 30 (IDoc Ready for Dispatch).

How to verify Connection between the SAP System and the Subsystem ?

The connection is responsible for the greatest number of problems because it crosses the boundary from SAP to the OS layer. If we successfully tested the components, we won't experience any problems at this juncture.

The transaction code for testing the connnection is WE14 and the menu path: is From the Area menu of EDI, choose Test, Outbound Processing from IDoc.

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