SAP ALE IDOC'S displaying information

The IDoc Display tool is one of the most commonly used tools for viewing the status of an ALE/EDI process. This tool generates a list of IDocs that match your selection criteria. As mentioned earlier, after an IDoc is created in the system, all the status information at various milestones is recorded in the IDoc's status records.

This tool's selection parameters allows us to restrict the number of IDocs that are selected.

The output is a list of IDocs sorted by date and time.We can double−click any line to display the specific IDoc. If the selection results in exactly one IDoc, the system displays the IDoc directly,it without going through the intermediate step of listing the IDoc.

The IDoc Display screen lists the IDoc components, including the control record, data ecords, and status records.

The Control Record screen displays commonly used information about a control record. We can obtain additional details such as technical details, EDI details, and address informationby selecting the appropriate tab.

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