SAP INBOX Work Item Processing

SAP Inbox work list is the previous post we had discussed and here we are going to learn about how to process a work item in SAP Inbox.

Processing a Work Item from SAP Inbox:

On the worklist window, you can double−click the work item, or you can click the Execute button on the work item detail screen. When you click the Execute button, you are automatically established as the owner of this work item, and it disappears from the Inbox of other selected agents.

Executing a work item starts the task behind it. You do not have to know the transaction or the underlying data. Executing a task automatically takes you to a screen with all the information filled in. From this screen you execute the task steps. This screen is different for every task, but the concept behind executing any work item is the same.

The work item in the below represents an application error in an incoming invoice. From this screen, which displays the IDoc's last status record, you can analyze the error. After you fix the error, you restart the failed process by clicking the Process button.

If a work item is sent to multiple users, each user can see an entry in his or her Inbox. As soon as
one user reserves or executes the work item, its status is changed to reserved, and it disappears
from the other Inboxes.

If the user who first looks at the work item decides not to work on it, he or she can replace the work item in the pool by executing the Replace function from the Inbox. This step returns the work item to the original Inboxes.

Marking a SAP INBOX Work Item as Complete:

Work items are automatically removed from the Inbox when the task they represent is completed. They can be classified into two categories.
  1. Work items requiring a terminating event ·
  2. Work items not requiring a terminating event ·
Terminating events are raised from within applications. The workflow management system then automatically removes the work item from your Inbox. For example, work items for application errors associated with an IDoc are completed by the terminating event ErrorProcessCompleted.

After you fix the error and restart theprocess and the document posts successfully, the work item automatically disappears. The advantage of this method is that the task can be executed outside the workflow system and the work item disappears from the Inbox. However, such work items cannot be deleted from the Inbox unless a terminating event is raised.

To find out whether a work item requires a terminating event, display the work item details by selecting the work item and clicking on the Display icon. On the resulting screen, select Goto, Technical Work Item Display.

This screen has a check box, labeled "Processing End by User Confirmation," to indicate whether the work item requires a terminating event. This box will be empty if the work item requires a terminating event.

Work items of the second type are completed when a user's explicit input indicates that the task is complete. SAP uses this approach for tasks for which it cannot determine the completion. For example, if the task is to write a letter, the system cannot know when you are done.

In the SAP ALE/EDI process, tasks that are for information only for example, technical errors in the IDoc interfaceuse this approach. The system displays the error. Upon exiting, the system asks whether you want to complete the task. If you click the Complete Processing of Step button, the work item is considered complete and disappears from the Inbox.

The system cannot validate what you have done to complete the task logically outside workflow. If you click Cancel, the work item stays in your Inbox, and you can reprocess the work item later.

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