SAP Finance Reports General Ledger Line items

SAP provides good integration between different modules and Finance is a very vital module for any large scale company. ABAP Programming is used to extract data from finance department and some times even default reports are useful for data extraction from resource.

General Ledger Line item report for SAP Finance: lists open or cleared items. It is used for open-item managed accounts. You can use parked documents as selection criteria to capture both posted and preliminary posting documents in the same programming report.

Similar to many other standard ABAP Programming reports, you can specify the key date which separates items posted before the key date and a range of dates for clearing.

To run this report, use one of the following access options:

1.Information systems → Accounting → Financial accounting
General ledger → Select report
Information systems → Account information → Line items → G/L line items

2. Choose System → Services → Reporting and enter RFSOPO00 in the Program field.
Then, choose Execute to run the report.

you can research the line items of a particular G/L account for a specified time period, such as an accrual account and the subsequent reversals of those accruals. This report can also be used in an audit to review documents and line items posted to a company code for a specified period. This report is a good starting point before going to the Display G/L Line Items (FBL3) or Displaying Documents (FB03).

Example report of ABAP:

Using a U.S. chart of accounts and a company code, create a simple listing of G/L line items with a given Open item at key date (default is system date at time of entry) and restricted selection criteria.

To access the G/L Line Items screen, choose

Information systems → Accounting → Financial accounting

General ledger → Select report.

From the reporting tree, choose the following report:

Information systems → Account information → Line items → G/L line items.

Follow the screen as shown in the figure with following points.

1. Enter CAUS in Chart of accounts.

2. Enter 3000 in Company code.

3. Open items at key date defaults to the system date but you can change it to any desired date.
The system selects all items that posted before the specified key date and are open for this period.

The Clearing date is usually the date of the paying document or the posting date of the invoice, whichever is the most recent.

4. Choose Execute.

The output of the report is as shown.

The parts of A and B are described below.

A The screen header shows the order in which information appears in the report.

The report list is sorted by:

Company code
Account number
Business area
Posting date

B For G/L account 099000:

Accruals were setup for the interest due on notes payable.

Documents with type SA 100000299 and 100000300 cleared with documents type AB 100000625 and 100000626.

The clearing document is cross referenced on the original document.

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