SAP Finance General Ledger Account Balance Report

SAP ABAP programming code is used in extracting data from different modules of SAP using ABAP coding. Evern some custom reports are available who are all ready prepared by the giant ERP i.e SAP to make the job of large companies simple to extract data. Following is one of that kind of ABAP code and report.

General Ledger Account Balance in SAP Finance :

The purpous of the ABAP report is to lists the general ledger account balances.

Primary output includes:
  1. Balance carried forward at the beginning of the fiscal year
  2. Debit total of the reporting period
  3. Credit total of the reporting period
  4. Debit or credit balances at the close of the period
The output is normally shown for a given fiscal year, but you may use period selection fields to narrow the search to a particular period.

You must select Fiscal year, Reporting periods, and Summarization levels before running this report.

However, limiting the selection criteria will speed up searches and provide more focused results.
The output control section of the first selection screen allows for sorting based either on a standard or a corporate group version.

The sort sequence of the standard version is by:

1. Company code
2. Account number
3. Business area

To run this report, use one of the following access options:

1.Information systems → Accounting → Financial accounting General ledger → Account balances

2.Choose System → Services → Reporting and enter RFSSLD00 in the Program field.

Then, choose Execute to run the report.

3.In the Command field, enter transaction F.08 and choose Enter.

Data presented in this report is from Finance G/L account balances. This SAP ABAP report does not allow manipulation of data.

Example :

Generate a simple list of G/L account balances for fiscal year 1996, including all sixteen posting periods in that year for 2 asset accounts. Use CAUS for the chart of accounts and 3000 for the company code.

To access the first screen for this report, choose Information systems → Accounting → Financial accounting General ledger → Account balances.

Each part of the screen represents the following.

1. Enter CAUS in Chart of Accounts.

2. Enter 1000 in G/L account.

3. The Multiple Selection for G/L account appears. The desired G/L accounts can be entered individually or as a range. In this example, enter 1000 and 11000.

The green arrow to the right of G/L account field (circled on the facing graphic) is highlighted indicating that additional accounts have been selected.

4. Enter 3000 in Company code and 1996 in Fiscal year.

5. Leave the Output control settings at standard values. In this example, use 0 for the Summarization level.

6. Choose Execute.

The result screen of SAP ABAP report can be summerised as explained below.

A The report display shows the company codes, the reporting periods, the currency, and the order of the information.

B According to the standard version the balances are separated by business area. The carry-forward balance is listed for each business area.

C The reporting debit balance, reporting credit balance, and the total debit balance are listed.

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