SAP ABAP List Notifications Tasks Programming

SAP ABAP Programming in Plant maintenance department programming report can be used this report to describe the condition of a technical object, or to report a malfunction in a technical object and request the damage to be repaired. This report displays a list of tasks for selected maintenance notifications.

No prerequisites are required to run this report. If you run the report without entering any selection criteria, the system date is used as the notification date and all uncompleted tasks list for this date.

From this report, you can select and view (or edit) notifications and execute functions (for example, put in process, print, postpone, complete, and create an order for the notification).

This report contains data obtained from maintenance notifications which have tasks assigned to them. Data can be manipulated by selecting and editing notifications, and by executing functions (such as postpone, complete, put in process, etc.).

The system administrator can prevent users from editing notifications with transaction code IW67 by making the appropriate restrictions to the authorization profiles of the users.

To access the first screen for this report, choose Logistics → Plant maintenance → Maintenance processing → Notifications and then, List of tasks → Display.

1. Enter the desired date range (for example, 16.08.1998 to 20.08.1998) in Notification date.
2. Enter the task completion dates (for example, 23.08.1998 to 28.08.1998) in Planned end.
3. Deselect Only uncompleted tasks to exclude tasks that have not been completed.
4. Choose Execute.

This screen shows all notification tasks due to be completed in the given period.
5. To change the display format of this report, choose Settings → Display variant → Current.

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