ABAP Programming Report Stock Requirement List

This ABAP report gives you a sneak peak about about the SAP Report which can give you different options to extract data from the source server about stock requiremnt of a comapany.This report provides a real-time display of the inventory on hand and the requirements for a specific material. All recommendations and exception messages from MPS/MRP are as current as the most recent planning-run.

Starting with the current date, this report displays the inventory on hand, followed by one line for each element of supply and demand, any related MPS/MRP exception messages, and the projected balance. The report offers drilldown capabilities for additional detail to enable a quick assessment of the inventory position.

You must enter the Material number and Plant before running this report. If you want to review a product group instead of a specific material, you will need to enter the Product group on the first screen.

From the output of this report, you can:

  1. Immediately convert MPS/MRP planned orders into production orders
  2. Immediately convert purchase requisitions into purchase orders or scheduling agreements
  3. Start a pegging report for any element to determine the source of demand
  4. View lower-level dependent requirements and call up an order report
  5. Select various menu options to review detailed planning parameters
  6. Display available-to-promise calculations
  7. Invoke capacity planning functions from the menu
  8. Compare the last MRP report to assess changes in the planning situation
This program can be used to convert orders and invoke capacity planning. Thus, the system administrator may want to limit user authorization to this program.

From this report, you can select the following functions:

Print the displayed stock/requirements results (List → Print).
Invoke the rescheduling function (List → Rescheduling).
Calculate ATP (List → Calculate ATP).
Display additional detail:
Stock statistics such as receipts, issues, quantities in restricted stock, at vendors, in transit, QI, and returns (Goto → Stock statistics)
Sales statistics such as quantity of a material on sales orders, quotes, and contracts (Goto → Sales statistics)
Planning data drawn from the material master, such as the MRP controller, MRP group, MRP type, reorder point and lot sizing data, availability check, special procurement type, and a recap of all receipts and issue by source/type (Goto → Material overview)

Display additional data such as a second exception message, order dates, quantity, strategy (Edit → Additional data; an icon is also available or you can simply double-click). From the popup window, it is possible to convert the item or invoke pegging reports; this can also be done directly from various Environment menu options.

To access the first screen for this report, choose

Logistics → Production → MRP → Evaluations → Stock/reqmts list.
1. Enter the material (for example, 100-100) or product group in Material.
2. Enter the plant associated with the material (for example, 3000) or product group in Plant.
3. If you entered a product group in step 1 above, select Product group.
4. Choose Enter.

The system displays the following:

A Date of receipt/requirement and associated type of supply or demand
B Material number, order number, etc.
C MRP exception message D Receipt or requirement quantity
E Available quantity

The width of columns may be adjusted by dragging the column divider.

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