Local and Global Planning Sequences in SAP BW

The local planning sequence method in SAP BW may be created by double-clicking on the planning level and choosing Create Planning Sequences from the context menu.It is not possible to trace planning sequences. You should test and/or trace each step of the sequence i.e. each planning function separately.

Local Planning Sequences is a  means of automating the execution of a series of planning functions/parameter groups in a previously defined order 

Availability:Local planning sequences are usable for functions within a single Planning Level of a Planning Area and Global planning sequences are usable for functions across several Planning Areas


Processes multiple functions as one single step thus minimizing
Likelihood of planning steps being omitted
Need for users to call up multiple individual functions

  1. Are a planning method belonging to the planning level
  2. Only one Planning Sequences method is created for the level
  3. Then multiple Planning Sequences may be created for the method – this is the equivalent to the parameter group
  4. Here a sequence of steps is entered
  5. To do this the super user simply enters on each line a particular planning function/parameter group combination from the level (or selects them via pop-up)
  6. Other planning sequences from the same level may also be entered or selected here
  7. Entries may subsequently be moved up or down in the sequence, and entries inserted or deleted
 Local Planning Sequence

Often during online planning sessions, a planner has to call up a sequence of individual parameter groups within one planning level. local sequence, that is connected to the associated planning level, bundles the processing sequence for the individual parameter groups together. Instead of completing each individual parameter group, the sequence is completed. This function calls up the single  parameter sets in the given order.

A planning sequence can contain other local planning sequences, Powersim models, or unstructured documents from SEM-BIC. However, an entry field is not available for the planning package field.This means that the local sequence can only contain parameter groups that can be completed in one package. If you want to include parameter groups from several different packages in one sequence,you need to use a global sequence.

Global Planning Sequences

  1. Work similarly to local planning sequences but without the restrictions
  2. Are accessed via the Menu "Planning" or via a push button "Global Planning Sequences" above the work area anywhere in BPS0
  3. Any number of global planning sequences may be entered
  4. The planning element combination that is entered/selected per line inside a GPS is:
  5. Planning Area / Planning Level / Planning Function (incl. Local Planning Sequence / Parameter Group / Planning Package)
  6. Other global planning sequences may also be entered or selected here
  7. Double-clicking on a GPS means "Execute" – Beware!
Automatic Execution in SAP BW

You use this function to ensure that, in context to a specification in a specific planning layout, one of your predefined functions is always completed.For example, you can assign a function of type currency translation to a layout that you are using for entering amounts in local currency, so that any amounts entered are automatically translated into group currency. This means that the amounts are available in both currencies, simplifying any questions that may arise between the main company and it's subsidiaries.

You can assign most functions to the planning layout so that they are automatically carried out.You can use functions from the same planning area, or you can also select a function from any other planning area.
A function that has been assigned to a planning layout for automatic execution will normally be completed when the following events take place. The function will be completed before the chosen action takes place:

  1. Saving
  2. Leaving the planning layout to go to a different object in the planning environment
  3. Executing a planning function within the planning layout.

You can define automatic execution on the first screen of the layout builder in the Planning Workbench. However, the functions or sequences are executed ONLY in the user interface in which they are configured! For example, an automatic function, which has been defined in the Planning Workbench, is not executed when using a Planning Folder.
Automatic execution of planning functions or sequences can be setup in the following places:

Planning Folders

Defined in configuration of Planning Folder
Executed based on four different events (before layout, after layout, start folder, saving).

Web Interfaces

Defined in configuration of Web Interface (create a button and assign to layout)
Executed based on "data change/commit" event only i.e. when data has been changed in the layout AND when navigating away from layout which includes saving or executing another function.


Global planning sequences can be included in the planning folder. The sequences can be added to under the global section or assigned to a layout.For each function, you can define when the function is executed:

Push button: The user executes the GPS by clicking on a button.
Execute before layout display: The GPS is executed before the planning layout is displayed. If the GPS changes data which is displayed in the layout, the changes are immediately visible in the layout.
Execute before layout change: The GPS is executed when you exit the planning layout. If the GPS changes data which is displayed in the layout, the changes are not immediately visible after opening the layout.
Execute when starting folder: The GPS is executed when the user enters the planning folder.
Execute when saving: The GPS is executed when the users save the data.

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