SAP Business Warehouse Distribution Functions

With the distribution function, you can distribute values from one planning level to another planning level in SAP BW. Typically this function is used for top-down distributions from one organizational unit to another organizational unit below. The distribution is completed for vertical reconciliation purposes. Another scenario is a distribution along a product hierarchy.When the function is executed, the values are rolled up including the assigned and non-assigned values, and are then distributed to the destination, specified by the fields to be changed.

The # sign, that stands for "not assigned", is very important when using this planning function as it is used to write the debit and credit records to the function table. It is important to note that the seasonal distribution is not a specific planning function but a way of using the distribution function.For your modeling, it is important that the planning function for the distribution that is used for the modeling, can be used exclusively for a key figure model.

Distribution Variants

There are two basic variants available for completing distribution.The distribution is either based on reference values which are already available in the database or on weighting factors which have to be entered manually.The total value is not changed by the distribution function. Only existing data is distributed according to the defined rule.

1. Distribution by Keys
2. Distribution by Keys from Sender to Receiver
3. Distribution by Reference Data
4. Distribution by Reference Data from Sender to Receiver

Distribution by Key

When distributing by key, you provide characteristics values and the shares by which distribution is to take place. For the fields to be changed you select the characteristics that you want to use and distribute the plan data using their values. The distribution factors with which you distribute the total amount to be distributed in the parameter groups represent relative values. These relate to the sum of the factors used in the parameter group: The system views the total that is formed from the addition of all factors within a parameter group as 100% and then determines the relative weight of every factor for distribution. 

Distribution by Reference Data

When distributing with reference data, you make the same settings as when distributing by key. In addition, you select one or more characteristics that are to be used to determine reference data.

Additional Settings for Distributions

For the basic function types distribute with reference data and distribute by key you can also specify that only those data records should be included in distribution that contain the initial value "not assigned" (#) for the characteristics to be changed. Retain values at sender data record For the extended function types distribute with reference data from sender to receiver and distribute by key from sender to receiver, you can decide whether the values that you distribute to the receiver data records should remain posted at the sender data records, or whether the appropriate sender data records should be deleted after distribution.

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