XI Adapters verses Proxies

It is important to understand that proxies and adapters are the two alternatives for connecting XI to an application system.

Typically for an existing system (any external system or even ‘traditional’ SAP systems that only communicate via RFC and IDoc), the interface semantics cannot be changed. Also in many cases a specific, proprietary wire protocol must be used. This is exactly the scope of adapters.

This is also the premise of ‘outside-in’ integration or ‘a posteriori’ integration . In the case of new SAP applications (ABAP or Java) the interface development process has changed. The interface is designed centrally in the Integration Repository.]

From the interface definition a proxy is generated in ABAP or Java. The proxy is deployed on the application system, and the business application is built around it. This is the premise of inside-out integration (integration by design).

A proxy is a fragment of code in ABAP or Java which serves 2 purposes:

1 . Convert the data structures (ABAP or Java) into XML messages and vice-versa Establish connectivity with the XI Integration Server A proxy hides such technical details from the application developer.

2 . It is important to note that for proxy communication, no specific adapter configuration is required.

However from the technical aspect, the proxy runtime itself resides on the adapter framework. The point is that there is no protocol conversion necessary for communicating with XI using proxies.

Connectivity with SAP applications :

The choice of adapters vs proxies comes into play when connecting SAP applications .

Before WebAS 6.20 the only connectivity option in/out of SAP system is RFC/BAPI/IDoc.

Starting with the WebAS 6.10 the native HTTP connectivity has been added to the basis layer .

Starting with the WebAS 6.20, each application system has its own local integration engine and is
therefore able to connect to XI via proxies over HTTP / SOAP with attachments (XI protocol).

Where is the adapter in SAP ?

The following diagram illustrates the position of adapters of sap.

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