ERP Business Process Cycle SAP ABAPer Need to Know This

ERP Need to implement a business process and SAP uses a effective step by step method to do this in a systematic way with regular check points every where so that you can monitor the business process at all stages and control it.Every SAP ABAP programmer need to know this process to give a effective way of writing and modifying the code.

Effective sales order processing connects all exercise to buyer demand in a sequence of built-in processes. The application component Sales and Distribution makes this gross sales order processing possible. The steps in a sales process are then reproduced by digital documents which would possibly be linked to each other.

The client order management process begins with establishing and maintaining buyer relationships, and ends with invoicing for supply of goods or service offered to the customer. Posting the customer incoming funds is a part of the applying component Financial Accounting. The Buyer Order Management cycle can begin with Pre-Gross sales Activities. For example, in response to a buyer inquiry , you create and send a quotation.

As part of gross sales order processing, you create a sales document. Throughout procurement, the system determines the supplier of the products, based mostly on knowledge that you have stored in the system.As part of delivery processing, you organize and perform the delivery of goods.Within the billing course of, you create the invoice and switch all the required information into Accounting. As a part of dealing with payments, you check open items and put up incoming payments.Specific marketing measures, for instance, direct mailing campaigns, internet campaigns, trade honest gross sales actions or telephone campaigns, can trigger gross sales processes.

Doable sequences of such campaigns could be a non-binding buyer inquiry or a request for a quotation. Inquiries and quotations assist you to to find out essential sales-related information and may be saved as documents. If the shopper then locations an order, you'll be able to seek advice from this data.Use this pre-gross sales info to plan and consider your marketing and gross sales methods and as a basis for establishing long run business relationships with your clients, for instance by

Monitoring misplaced sales

Recording pre-sales knowledge to assist negotiate giant contracts.Promoting goods and providers to giant organizations that require documentation of your complete process.A gross sales order is an electronic doc that data your buyer's request for items or services. The sales order contains all data to course of the customer's request throughout gross sales order processing.The sales component thus mechanically proposes knowledge from grasp data and management tables that you previously stored. Consequently, potential input errors occuring during sales order processing and getting into of redundant data is avoided.

You can enter a gross sales order with many items on a single screen. Gross sales orders can be created via the internet or via messages received from business partners.A sales doc is created in a gross sales area.A gross sales order can seek recommendation from a enterprise transaction that already exists within the system. For instance, one or more inquiries and quotations can be reference documents. In this case, the SAP System copies the related information to the gross sales order.A citation can even result in a quantity of sales orders. This lets you group all the quotations for one customer.A gross sales doc is grouped into three ranges: header, merchandise and schedule line. Information is distributed on these ranges as follows:

Sales document header

The info in the document header is valid for your entire document. This contains, for instance, buyer-associated data.

Gross sales doc gadgets

Every item in the gross sales document contains its own data. This consists of, for example, knowledge about the material and portions ordered.Every gross sales document can have a number of objects, whereas particular person objects could be managed differently.Examples embrace material merchandise, service merchandise, free-of-charge item or text item.

Item schedule lines

Schedule strains comprise delivery portions and delivery dates. They belong uniquely to an item.Every merchandise that has a subsequent outbound supply within the gross sales and distribution process will must have at the least a schedule line. The merchandise can have several schedule strains, for example when the quantity ordered is to be delivered in several partial deliveries at completely different times. To course of the sales documents effectively, the info might be displayed and processed in different views. The views are grouped into overview, header and item screens. A brand new sales document is entered on an outline screen.

The finest way during which a material is obtained for a sales order can depend on the kind of material and on the sales transaction. The procurement can, for example:

  1. Be from accessible stock
  2. Be assured by replenishment
  3. Trigger make-to-order production

Initiate the outbound supply utilizing external suppliers (third-celebration enterprise transaction) . Organize the outbound delivery from another warehouse. On the Gross sales and Distribution tab web page in the materials grasp you can: enter in Gen./Plant within the availability verify discipline, which and/or what sort of availability examine needs to be carried out for this material throughout order processing.

There are also varied tables in Customizing, on which the provision check can be dependent. From the supply control display screen, you possibly can access the Obtainable to Promise (ATP) quantities, the scope of check for determining available amount, and the other vegetation which will have the material available.

Every gross sales and distribution doc contains information required for the document and for additional processing.The system determines which fields are displayed within the incompletion log when the consumer doesn't fill them during sales order processing.The incompletion log shall be displayed a) routinely once you save your entries. You can even name it by selecting Edit -> Incompletion log.

In Customizing, you may resolve which fields needs to be part of the incompletion log. The incompletion log functions can be found within the sales order and within the delivery. Internet Sales R/3 Edition and CRM Internet Sales are SAP’s Web Shop options for selling products on the Internet.

Benefits of the 2 solutions:

Internet Sales R/three Edition:

1. The shopper works with the R/3 System and needs to establish a further distribution channel on the Internet. This channel could be set up very quickly with the Internet Sales R/three Edition.

2. The only extra software program required is a J2EE-Server.

CRM Web Sales

1. Integral component of the SAP CRM system
2. Enhanced functionality as compared with the Internet Sales R/three Version (e.g. Marketing integration)
3. It is doable to run the CRM with no SAP R/three within the again end.

Delivery processing in Sales and Distribution begins if you create the delivery document. The supply document controls, helps and displays quite a few sub processes for shipping processing

1.choosing and confirming (transfer requests),
3.planning and monitoring of transport (shipment document) and
4.Posting the products difficulty (items difficulty paperwork).
5.Creating a supply document includes copying info from the gross sales order, such because the supplies and quantities, onto the delivery document.
6.Making a transfer order includes copying information from the supply doc to the transfer order for processing inside the warehouse. The transfer order is important for controlling the movement of items within your warehouse. The transfer order relies on a simple principle: the place you take items from and to, inside your warehouse. There's a supply location and a vacation spot location for every transfer order.
7.The posting of the products difficulty can bring a couple of change based on a quantity basis in addition to on a worth foundation in change stock. Adjustments based on a amount foundation are made on the relevant balance sheet accounts and inventory change accounts in financial accounting.You'll be able to create an outbound supply in a transport point for orders which are due for delivery. The SAP System copies the related data from the order to the outbound delivery.
8.You may create one or several outbound deliveries from the order. You can too combine objects from several orders into one outbound delivery. To combine them efficiently, the orders must all have the same characteristics which can be essential for the transport process, for example:

  1. shipping point
  2. Due date
  3. Ship-to deal with

The SAP System can create deliveries both on-line or as a background job to be executed during
off-peak hours.A supply doc is grouped into two ranges: header and item. The data is distributed across these ranges as follows:

Delivery document header

The information for the doc header is valid for the complete document. This includes, for instance, knowledge for the ship-to get together and schedules for transport processing.

Supply doc merchandise

Each merchandise within the gross sales document incorporates its personal data. This includes data about the material, portions and weights in addition to stock information. Each gross sales doc can have several items.The items could be controlled differently. Examples embody material item, free-of-cost item or textual content item.

The supply doc does not contain schedule lines. Every schedule line within the sales document can become an item in the supply document.

To course of delivery documents efficiently, the information may be read and processed in numerous views. The views are grouped into overview, header and item screens.

You may control an item in an outbound supply so that selecting is required.

Picking is carried out by creating transfer requests with which you trigger and survey warehouse movements. The objects in the switch requests contain the materials and the quantites to be picked,which correspond to the supply quantities. On the identical time the delivery quantites are transferred into the outbound delivery as choosing quantities.

You'll find a way to print the decide list for use in the warehouse from the switch request.

Selecting confirmation can both be automated or can be carried out in a spearate processing step.

On the time of cargo, items which were not already packed in the supply, may be packed in delivery models utilizing transport materials. The functionality used here is basically the identical as for loading within the delivery.

Packed objects are assigned to the required means of transport (e.g., vehicles).

Delivery models from the supply are copied and might now not be changed.

Unlike packing within the delivery, packing in the cargo could be carried out for a number of deliveries.

If you submit goods issue, the system routinely:

  1. Updates the quantities in inventory administration and supply necessities in supplies planning
  2. Updates the value change within the balance sheet accounts for inventory accounting
  3. Generates extra paperwork for accounting, for example, for controlling
  4. Generates the billing due checklist
  5. Updates the standing in all relevant gross sales documents

Once you create a billing document, knowledge is copied from the sales order and the supply document to the billing document. Supply items in addition to order items may be references for the billing document.

The billing document serves several necessary features:

  1. It is the gross sales and distribution document that helps you to generate invoices.
  2. The billing document serves as a knowledge supply for financial accounting (FI) to assist you to observe and process buyer payments.
  3. When you create a billing document, the G/L accounts will normally be updated automatically.
  4. During this process, the R/3 system carries out
  5. a debit posting on the customer receivables account and
  6. a credit score posting on the revenue account.

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