SAP EDI Outbound Process without Message Control Contd.

The previous post deals with electronic data interchange for SAP with out message control and the example is displayed with payment order in detail. This post is in continuation with that previous post.

SAP EDI Accompanying Sheet for the Paying Company

Under Paying Company Codes, select the company code and view the details. You need to verify the settings in the EDI Accompanying Sheet Form field. A standard form, F110_EDI_01, is supplied in the standard system. This sheet prints the totals. The Form for the Payment Advice field should also be set appropriately.

The SAP Transaction code for this is FBZP and the Menu Path: From the IMG, choose Financial Accounting, Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables, Business Transactions, Outgoing Payments, Automatic Outgoing Payments, Payment Method/Bank Selection, Configure Payment Program.

Vendor Master Data for SAP

A vendor master is created for vendors from whom you procure material. You must maintain the vendor for each purchasing organization that can procure from this vendor. We need some additional Company Code data fields in the vendor master record, as shown in Figure . The payment run program uses the following payment transaction fields.

Transaction code in SAP ERP IS XK01 and XK02 and the Menu Path: Logistics, Materials Management, Purchasing, Master Data, Vendor, Central, Create or Change.

EDI Configuration Components must be set up are basic settings of edi and the

Partner Profile for EDI :

Creating the Outbound View A partner profile is created for every business partner that sends or receives EDI documents. In the partner profile, an outbound record is created for each outbound message.

Create a partner profile for your vendor and your bank. Add an outbound record for the outbound message: REMADV and PAYEXT, as shown in Figures below respectively. The REMADV message is created for the vendor, and the PAYEXT message is created for the bank. Both messages use the IDoc type PEXR2001. Note that the partner function field is blank.

The payment process allows you to create a test IDoc message at the time of the proposal run. To enable this text, you must create an additional entry for the test message in the partner profile. This entry looks exactly like the entry for the REMADV and the PAYEXT messages except that the test flag should be turned on. In the initial stage, I recommend this optional step to test the process.

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