ERP Software Selection and Implementing the Project

We have discussed regarding ERP implementing process and its advantages in the previous post.Here we are going to discuss what kind of software the company has to choose and how to start launching the erp project.

ERP software helps in connecting every transaction of business into a centralized data base which can be accessed by the authoriesed management positions.

Basing on transactions financial books of the company which implemented erp adjusted automatically.

ERP system is complex but its interface will be simple to use.

Better implement enterpreize resource software and erp process supeartely which makes the job easy.

First ES software then ERP system is a good choice.

Implementing ES software and ERP creates resources problems and dampen the business process.

ERP software selection :

Software vendor shall go through the business process and if he says that he has most of the software
readily available you can select the software.

Company shall Check the list of software providers and understand who suits to business needs .

Implementation teams shall be combined for both software and ERP installation.Running a pilot test of erp software is needed to understand how it is performing.

Having a extended support is needed for the success of erp.

Additional software outside can be implemented with erp and they are called bolt up software.

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