EDI Outbound Process with Message Control Purchage Order Cond.

EDI outbound process with message control is introduced previously for purchase order and this post is in continuation with it.

Setup Phase for purchase order of EDI message control:

The Partner Profile: Creating Message Control and the Outbound View.

SAP Transaction code for this is WE20.

A partner profile is created for every business partner that sends or receives EDI documents. In the partner profile, a Message control record and an outbound record are created for each outbound message, as shown in the following ABAP screen.

Create a partner profile if it does not exist. Add the Message control data and outbound data for your message.

EDI Message Control: Creating Condition Records

SAP Transaction code for this is MN04.

Create a condition record for the output type identified in the preparation phase. The condition records are used to define the conditions under which the output type should be proposed. When you create a condition record, you choose the business rule on which you want to create your condition records.

To start, you can be very specific, so choose a business rule that has vendor number as one of the fields. Specify the values for the medium as 6 (EDI) and the timing to suit your needs. Initially, you can specify the timing as 4 to indicate immediate .

The SAP Workflow Settings: Creating the Task Profile:

Outbound messages require the following actions on workflow settings.
  1. Verify the basic workflow settings. ·
  2. Set up the organizational unit. ·
  3. Create a task profile for the error tasks.
To get started quickly, you can make the error task a General task. Doing so fulfills the requirement for the task profile. You can use your user ID as the person responsible in the partner profile, in which case you do not require the setting up of the organizational unit.

Further this edi outbound process with message control for purchase order example will be explained in the coming posts.

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