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Marketing a product after launching is a important part of the business and the world best ERP's business module CRM helps a lot in planning and executing this process. The Difficulties of Changing the Perception of Marketing Despite its potential to improve company value and market capitalization, marketing faces its own difficulties and challenges Some of these difficulties are surpnsingly different from the challenges that other company functions must confront.

The reason for the perception of neglecting the marketing is that marketing does not have to hold itself accountable. Moreover, marketing is one of the few—perhaps, even the only enterprise functions that has its own easily accessible budget. It is the only enterprise function that neither knows exactly what its budget was spent on, nor how efficiently it was spent.

Another important reason for a lack of respect for marketing Is the very culture of marketing For example, when marketing professionals resist the use of modern, tool-supported business processes for planning and measuring success because it stifles marketing creativity, they run the risk of being laughed at by other enterprise functions that could no longer exist were it not for today's constantly improving and IT-supported business processes There »s still no solution for this schism between marketing and the other departments of a company There Is also no secret recipe to measure exactly.

The contribution margin of an advertising campaign. What we do have, however, is a growing range of increasingly mature and usable tools that support marketing professionals, marketing organizations, and enterprises The answer to the many challenges facing marketing is in the implementation of efficient business processes that are based on powerful IT solutions.

Operational Challenges in marketing the business are
  1. Optimization of resources for marketing activities
  2. Increasing brand value
  3. New customer acquisition
  4. Optimization of consumer and customer demand
  5. Management of the offer portfolio
Three procedures often come into play when acquiring new customers:

  1. Finding new customers with a similar profile to existing customers who contribute to making the company profitable
  2. Expanding to new Customer segments
  3. Expanding in new geographical regions
Before they can find new customers with a profile similar to that old existing customers who add to the company's profitability, companies must know which of their customers actually contributes to profit. A guideline is the old rule of thumb:

8 0 % of the profit comes from 2 0 % of the customers The challenge Is, therefore, to determine which customers belong to this 2 0 % and which new prospects have a similar profile to customers who contribute a profit to the company. To do this, you need a complete view of the customer base, supported by advanced segmentation and analysis tools. You also need a way to obtain information on prospects with similar characteristics to those of the existing customers wtio add profit to the company.

You must have the means by which to attract these potential customers, i.e., a convincing service offer. The expansion into new market segments also offers possibilities for growth. For example. In this way, a normally conservative bank can use a convincing Internet offer to persuade busy young workers to purchase its core products. A diaper manufacturer can use technology to open up new markets and target groups, such as incontinence products for senior citizens. Factors such as careful analysis of market possibilities and price as well as production capacity influence the decision on whether to expand into new customer segments.

The interaction of supply and demand can be optimized only if there is a working bridge between marketing or promotion planning and demand planning in the supply chain Effective analysis and segmentation applications that support the identification of customer segments with significant increase potential are also part of the technological software answer to the challenges of demand optimization. Another part Is the powerful product proposal functionality.

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