My SAP CRM Lead Management and Personalization

Using MY SAP CRM module you can work out with Lead Management and Personalization. With lead management, potentially valuable existing customers or new sales prospects can be identified Lead management enables a company to keep an eye on existing customers, obtain new customers, and identify their interest in a product or service. Lead management paves the way for sales. Leads are potential customers of tomorrow or today's customers that companies would like to interest in a different product range.

Solid lead management functionality doesn't just help companies to Increase the share of profit of existing customers, it also opens the door to Invite business with new customers The company-wide sales channel strategy can also be improved by opening the lead qualification for business partners.

Before a lead can become real, opportunity, it needs to be qualified. Only leads that lead to turnover contribute to company profit. Lead management in marketing enables companies to convert qualified leads quickly into paying customers and eliminates time wasted on bad leads .

The lead management functions of mySAP CRM are used by marketing professionals to collect, qualify, and distribute leads and to give sales employees the best opportunities to capitalize on a lead. With collaborative lead management functions, companies can extend the lead process to internal and external staff When generating leads, an important piece of the puzzle is to identify potential buyers by name.

To do this, companies must acquire lists of names from external providers, then, these lists can be compared with the customer data-base to Identify the truly promising customers. As part of the list procurement process, companies must know which lists have yielded the best results in the past Precise analysis of the list performance helps companies to improve their search for the
best external lists .

Important lead management functions of mySAP CRM are:

1• Lead manager portal, which offers a single, personalized, and role-based point of entry that provides the lead manager and lead qualifier with access to relevant Information, applications, and services.

2• Functionality for managing external lists, including reading potential leads and the execution of specific subsequent marketing activities.

3• Lead qualification to Increase conversion rate and revenue

4• Lead forwaraing to bnng the right leads to the right sales employees or business partners.

5• The ability to create a survey for fast lead qualification .

6• Duplicate check for leads, that is. filtering of duplicate customer addresses to ensure data quality.

7• Comprehensive monitoring functions to follow the progress of each lead.


Personalization allows companies to create better customer relationships and to use these relationships to retain customers and increase the share of that customer's business With the personalization functions of mySAP CRM. enterprises can offer the right products to the right customers at the right time. Data mining technology often product proposal functionality that ensures that companies get the greatest benefit from each customer interaction. Companies can create personalized product proposals for each interaction, independent of the communication channel used.

Important personalization functions of mySAP CRM are:
  1. • Dynamic personalized product recommendations
  2. • Personalized bestseller lists for each customer
  3. • Personalized communication

The mySAP CRM marketing application Product Proposalssupports all of these goals across the communication channels— telesales, interaction center, and mobile sales. It not only automates cross-selling scenarios and up- and down-selling activities; it also groups together.


A customer orders a new computer The customer is also offered a printer or a useful software package Maybe the customer needs a new printer nght now.

Up- and down-selling

A customer orders a fax machine. The customer is offered a more expensive fax machine with a built-in scanner. Maybe the customer didn't know that multifunction fax machines exist. Or, perhaps the fax machine is too expensive, and to avoid losing the customer, a simpler is recommended. A customer with lower turnover is better than a customer lost to the competition .

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