MySAP CRM and Marketing Planning

Marketing the product that the company makes is very important and it can be planned and executed well with the help of MySAP CRM software. Tbe marketing planning of mySAP CRM allows enterprises to plan marketing activities centrally and transparently across all levels involving al people concerned, including external partners. Since mySAP C RM Is integrated, it uses all relevant customer, financial, product, and market data for its marketing planning. In the way. mySAP CRM bridges the gap between the supply and demand chains, it improves the customer service at the front office, and optimizes the cost efficiency at the back office.

Important functions of mySAP C RM for marketing planning are:

Collaborative, rationalized planning functions with embedded marketing workflows and approval processes for faster planning cycles and reduced planning and execution costs.
  1. Interactive and personalized marketing calendar functions to manage campaigns marketing planning, and trade promotions.
  2. The ability to deal with complex and ever-changing requirements by enabling companies to react quickly to demand charges with access to centralized marketing plans
  3. Integration In supply and demand chains for higher efficiency and accuracy
  4. Simulation of different supply chain scenarios
  5. Proper ROI reporting functions based on current financial data and not on estimates
  6. The possibility to formulate and communicate marketing strategies company wide
  7. The possibility to coordinate and optimize the use of internal and external marketing resources and initiatives across the company
  8. The availability of snapshots —versions of modified marketing plans—which offer detailed budgeting functions as well as better understanding of plan modifications over a particular time period.
  9. Individualized planning of key performance indicators to enable planning on a financial, supply logistics, and product level .
  10. Flexibility In distributing and coordinating plans, which allows companies to perform top-down and bottom-up planning.
An integrated planning procedure can help companies to coordinate company objectives with those of their subsidiaries. It also encourages companies to move from the chaos of spreadsheets and file servers to a more disciplined concept for planning, measuring and reporting. Only by adhering to this concept, which can clearly outline Integrated marketing planning, can companies become more successful In the long run and learn from past failures and successes.

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