MySAP CRM Business Scenarios and SAP Solutions

MySAP crm and SAP solutions will help not only improving the functions of one part of business and it also integrates entire business and here i am presenting the different possible business scenarios and the role that mysap erp and crm can play there.

Business process

A business process consists of a number of logically related business activities that can be executed to achieve a predefined result. A business process can involve several software components from different manufacturers.

Business process step

Business process steps represent the fundamental activities that are performed within business processes Each business process step is performed either by the user or the system and takes place within a single software component.

Business scenario

A business scenario is a collection of logically related business processes that defines a complex company task, which is largely independent of other processes Examples of business scenarios are campaign management in marketing or quotation and order management in sales The sequence of the individual business processes within a business scenario represents a complete, continuous business process with a visible business benefit. If required, process variants for individual business scenarios can be defined. As a rule, business scenarios refer to business units or central functional areas in the company, although business partners from other companies can also be Included.

Though there are software solutions and software components, the actual business processes and scenarios that are performed by the employees and supported by the software must be at the forefront when implementing and running new software in the company. SAP provides detailed scenario descriptions and SAP Business Maps, which can be accessed from SAP Solution Manager, SAP Service Marketplace, and SAP Help Portal .

SAP Solution Maps for the display of processes and functions of SAP solutions at different levels of detail .

SAP Collaborative Business Maps (C-Business Maps) for describing cross company scenarios with views that vary according to requirements SAP Business Maps can be individually created or modified to complement the standard offer, for example, for customer-specific modifications.

This can be achieved by using the PC-based tool SAP Solution Composer. You can assess the quantitative customer-specific benefit that you expect-from the implementation of mySAP Business Suite solutions with the aid of SAP Business Case Builder a Web-based tool based on C-Busmess Maps.

SAP Solution Maps

SAP Solution Maps provide a quick overview of business processes and functions of SAP solutions. This applies both to general applications of the SAP Business Suite and to industry-specific solutions .

SAP Solution Maps are structured hierarchically On the highest level, the most Important processes and properties of a solution-the key capabilities are displayed with context or in partial views The lower levels present more detailed views of the respective functionalities All descriptions are from a customer or industry-oriented view and utilize the appropriate terminology.

SAP Collaborative Business Maps

Collaborative business maps show where business processes and information systems in the company meet processes and systems from other parties involved in the process. They document in detail possibilities of joint processing of distributed business scenarios and propose model solutions for various industries and business application areas .

The collaborative business maps look at both the business aspect and benefit as well as all aspects of process design, including organization structure, business information to be exchanged, and relevant information for the actual implementation of a common business process and its inclusion in an existing application landscape .

The goal of collaborative business maps is to show using an easy to understand figure, that is, a correlation-how the different and participants work together, and to document the resulting value potential. This collaborative mapping enables companies to recognize qualitative and quantitative potential within a value chain and, therefore, to achieve the greatest benefit for all parties.

On the basis of Implementation experience, customer talks, and independent expert analysis, the business benefit of the collaborative business scenarios was Identified, documented, and quantified as a central part of C-Business Maps The collaboration and Integration across company boundaries can generate the following benefits for al business partners involved
  1. Competitive advantages through shortened time-to-market cycles
  2. Innovative business models and processes
  3. Growth potential through, for example, customer-specific service offers
  4. Faster information exchange
  5. Higher quality of information
  6. Cost advantages
The business view provides information on the business partners involved and offers in overview of the extent and the sequence of the collaboration between the participants Furthermore, the business view documents the business arguments and the value potential that can be realized by the participants. These form the basis for calculating the investment and the rate of return.

The marketing manager in charge of initiating a marketing campaign first obtains an overview of the current sales figures using SAP Business Information Ware house (SAP BW) The external analysis data delivered by a market research institute is also included in the analysis. Keeping in mind the market development, the marketing requirements, and the potential competitor behavior, the marketing manager identifies the products versus turnover will be increased by a marketing campaign .

The marketing manager defines the campaign name and outlines its start and end dates Like the marketing manager, the sales manager defines the campaign target group by selecting customers or prospects.

Both managers check and discuss the campaign and its target group one more time and confirm the start of the campaign. After this collaborative effort, the mailing activities arc generated and forwarded, using an external market provider (a service for sending e-mails). The marketing manager monitors the status and execution of individual mail shots. At the end of the campaign cycle, the marketing and sales managers can evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and use this experience in the next campaign .

Various qualitative and quantitative improvements occur during the course of business. for example
  1. Improved quality of data through data consistency
  2. Reduced transaction costs through improved collaboration
  3. Integration of external and internal) analysis data
  4. Use of external market know-how
  5. Lean campaign planning and execution
  6. Concentration on core business tasks by outsourcing the campaign execution
  7. Presenting a unified image to the customer
Collaborative Business Maps as a Basis for Business Profitability Calculation

The advantages of integrated common business processes are documented as business benefits and as value potential on both pages of the business view of a e Business Map.

SAP Business Case Builder

To enable a quantitative calculation of the expected customer-specific value from using mySAP Business Suite solutions. SAP has developed SAP Business Cite Builder. As part of a profitability analysis for a planned software solution, SAP Business Case Builder offers a structured procedure for calculating ROI. taking the customer-specific situation Into account SAP Business Case Builder is structured in three parts:

• industry analysis
• Identification of a software solution for a customer-specific situation
• Creation of an investment appraisal as part of a business case .

With SAP Business Case Builder, companies can analyze and document their specific situations and compare their requirements with the solution portfolio of mySAP Business Suite. Companies can also create investment appraisals for the selected solutions using SAP Business Case Builder.

Various business scenarios can help to facilitate your reaching these goals.At the end of the detailed descriptions of the Individual applications of mySAP CRM.

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