SAP and Customer Relationship Management Introduction

Customer Relationship Management is the way of being good in touch with customer so that he will be coming back and hence a better business.

The base thing is to have a good relation with customer and providing him the best service that is possible so that customer will get the faith in the business.

When customer is king and the most important person of the business entire business plans shall roll as customer centric and keeping him happy is the key.

Every time creating a new customer is a costly affair and hence keeping the existing customer is very important and this can be done with better service.

CRM is a wonderful tool that helps to get and hold customers and hence help the business to grow.

CRM helps us to understand the market dynamics,demands,future requirement better and in a simplified manner.

Hence implementing crm software is very important in today's world to get better business.

Customer Relationship Management is a way of creating,maintaining and expanding customer relations further .

Customer Relationship Management software's generally deals with many departments like sales,IT,Finance and all vital departments.

CRM thinks about customer needs and how best the customer service can be done by and organization/company.

We have to analyze and understand what customer is habituated to buy and the patterns with this software.

For the customer satisfaction the employer of the company being happy and satisfied with his job is important so that he can concentrate on customer needs better.

CRM software shall add value by helping the customer to identify the right product and suggest it for him.

Customer Relationship Management software is about making customer loyal to organization with extra added value so that he will be coming back again and again.

This will improve the company profits and reduce the cost of money that is spent on advertising etc.

With crm software the organization also need a well planned strategy to sustain the business only only software is not going to make miracles.

strategy is not a software technology that comes automatically that shall come from organization and that makes the difference from others.

CRM software is like a dictionary is wonderful database of words, but a dictionary can’t write a letter for you. Strategy plays a important role in keeping the customer satisfaction levels better.

A CRM shall group all departments of organization and a role shall be there for all employees of the company to make it better with CRM.

The software of CRM shall be customer and user friendly.

The software shall give a better shopping experience .

Well this is the basic aim any customer relationship management software and i announce that i am going to cover this topic extensively further regarding this in the broader scene and regarding SAP CRM also in specific.

Your feed back regarding adding the new dimensions and topics like CRM,finance module,to this ABAP Programming blog is most welcome.

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