SAP R/3 and My SAP.Com Products Introduction

SAP R/3 is the Enterprise Resource Planning Software Company started by four German people and it has grown and spread its wings into many products MySAP.Com is the most advanced erp portal with many advanced features and products that are listed and explained below.

SAP R/2 Main frame solutions

It is the first product of SAP company that runs on IBM, Siemens, Amdahl, and compatible equipment. With ALE technology this can be linked to the advanced sap product that is sap r3 . This product is useful for centralized business solutions and quite popular for IBM hardware. The sap ag supported this platform until year 2004 and then it advised its clients to switch over to r/3.

SAP R/3 client server solutions:

It is the logical extension of SAP previous r2 version and it is introduced in 2002 and it helped the company to capture the large portion of erp market. This needs to kinds of people for the system named sap functional people and sap technical people.

SAP Functional consultants are the ones who are familiar with the business process and they do modify the default software as per their individual customer needs. Technical sap consultants are the one's who are familial with software basis and SAP ABAP programming system.

This system is complex and provides all most all business functionality tools which makes the job of doing a business better . This technology is cheaper and efficient than main frames and distributed so that load is less comparatively.

With the sap release of 3.1 there is a functionality of making transactions and doing the business via internet browser and it made this product truly international. This helps the system to access with so many people at a time and this companies are being called like business partners of SAP.

With respect to time sap released version 4.0 which has new futures like :

1.New distributed scenarios with ALE and integrating them with BAPIs.

2.Provided Supply Chain Optimization Planning and Execution (SCOPE) and SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO) initiatives.

3.Added new specific functionality for industry solutions like starting with retail and the public sector.

4.With these new components customers can add new enhancements to the system independently of other R/3 functionalists.

With this release the programming language of sap called ABAP has evolved as complete object oriented programming language.

EnjoySAP R/3 Release 4.6

EnjoySAP was will make the experience of end user good and it make his job easy. Its user interface is so different and even gives the user the choice of adding the regular used icons to the application tool bar.

The year 1990 is a very important year for SAP and it has started getting the confidence of industries of different kinds and many people started using r/3 product by replacing their existing ones and it is evolved as major ERP. By that time sap has got many customers and started thinking about specific industry solutions as per their customer needs.

The following picture shall give an idea regarding the sap r/3 customers it has.

The following picture gives the idea about sap new dimension products that the company developed recently and it covers every industry and every area as shown.
SAP Solution Maps

SAP in the process turning from a single product company to the one who offers complete business solutions it starts offering solution maps for different industry sectors . They offer the solutions to all every day business problems that a customer face.

SAP Services Over View

SAP provides services basically about their product information, education services ,software installation upgrade services, consulting and the list goes on . SAP bases its services mainly on remote connections with customers through the international networks.

Online Services of sap

SAP has made online services through remote connections its preferred and most convenient way to support customers. For this reason, obtaining a network connection to SAP can become critical in an R/3 project.

SAP has a worldwide network of support servers for customers to use to obtain the support they need for successful implementation and operation of their SAP systems. Business partners can download patches and upgrades from those servers via ftp .

SAP also offers extensive information and correction services for customers and partners through the Internet with SAPnet,which gathers most of the facilities previously found on the Online Service Systems (OSS) but with much more content.

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