CRM Management Customer Sales Service Stratagy

Customer relationship management has the key job of keeping the customer satisfaction levels high during the process of sales and service and organization shall make a good strategy with the help of crm software.

Any business growth depends on how well they are managing the customer relations.
CRM will help the organizations to improve their customers, relations and business.
Planning a proper strategy for customer relationship management is very important for successful business model.
Getting a customer and making him a regular customer is very important for any one who want to be successful in their business.
Selling some thing is just a beginning of the customer relationship and the relationship shall go ahead for the further business.
Extending the business can be done with the help of CRM software with a good strategy which can improve the customer satisfaction for which customer service is very important.
Sales and service shall work together to make a company a successful and crm software shall help it.
The organizations shall make the comfortable at the sales place and explains the goodness of their product. Actual relationship starts here and giving enough scope for the customer is important .
Identifying a customer who is coming back and giving a better deal as a token of gesture will make the business better.
CRM strategy shall help the employees for this entire process like identifying the repeated customers and giving them a feel like home.
CRM stall identify the customers who feel good about the products and business and spread the good will by the word of mouth.
Depending on the kind of business customer sales and service profiles models are different.
Pyramid profile model:
The level one are regular customers .
Level two are the customers who comes back for business.
Level three are the people who spreads the good will of the business.
Hourglass profile model:
This is a case of model where customer may not be able to come back for the business because of high cost transactions but they do spread the good will which makes the level two smaller but level there better.
Hexagon profile model :

In this model initial transactions are small in base but they used to come repeatedly and spared the good will even better. This model works for a small business and there shall not be a gap in supply and demand. Keeping the existing customers happy and committed is very important in this model.
Asking the customer for feed back and getting answers with proper questions is very important in any customer relationship management .
Business model may use any one of this model or a bit modified one as per their requirement in Customer relationship management process.
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