BEx Map in SAP Business Warehouse Concept Goes Further

BEx Map in SAP Business Warehouse Concept Goes Further is the continuation for the previous post. If you define an InfoObject as a dynamic geo-characteristic, the geographical length, width and height are created as additional attributes for your InfoObject. You can view these on the tab page "Attributes". Before geocoding, these attributes do not contain any data.


The procedure for geocoding with ArcView is outlined briefly here:

Open the ArcView and create a new project. Choose the pushbutton with the "Table" icon, and click on "Add". Load the exported table into your project. Load the map dbf file that you want to use. Start the geocoding from the sub-menu "Start Geocoding" from the SAP menu. Choose "Batch match" for the assignment. AV carries out the geocoding. Save the file as a csv file.

Loading Geo-coordinates

Once you have finished the geocoding, reload the enhanced master data into BW. Proceed as follows:

Create a PC source system for your InfoObject.
Create a flat file InfoSource for the geocoded InfoObject.
Create an InfoPackage
Start the master data upload.
Now you can use the dynamic geo-characteristic in a query definition and display it on a map.

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