BEx Map in SAP Business Warehouse Concept

BEx Map in SAP Business Warehouse Concept is needed in the scenario like 

Your company wants to display certain query  results on geographical maps You want to use some of the static geocharacteristics immediately, and therefore need to know how to maintain the SAPBWKEY. You also want to find out how to display locational  information on a map.

BEx Map enables you to to display your query key figures on a map.

There is a whole range of display options:
  1. You can color different areas.
  2. You can insert graphics (bar charts or pie charts).
  3. You can display regional location information (on customers, branches, and so on) on the map in the form of circles, triangles, squares and crosses.
  4. You can call up the BEx Map from every query that contains geo-relevant characteristics.

Graphical Analysis with Layers

You can create maps with differing levels of detail above one another; the key figures are displayed
on different levels. If a key figure is used in a query with country, region, and postal code, for example, there can be three layers to the BEx Map. The relevant characteristic must, however, be activated for geographical analysis.

When you design maps, you must take into account that a higher map layer may cover the layer beneath it, if, for example, the upper layer represents a larger area, and is not transparent. When you display correlations between data on maps, they are more easily recognizable and enable you to make plans and act on the information shown.  

Advantages of the BEx Map

Integration of the BEx Map in BW

BEx Map is a fixed tool in BW that is integrated in two places, in the BW server as well as in the Frontend. In the Metadata Repository, you can find the extended description of InfoObjects that have been designated as geo-relevant InfoObjects.

You can find the master data of the geo-characteristics, which is expanded through additional attributes, in the master data table for the particular InfoObject on the BW server. According to the definition of static or dynamic geo-characteristics and the corresponding maintenance activities, you can display the information on a map simply by using the BEx Analyzer. By maintaining static geo-characteristics, you can use the BEx Map straightaway without the need for an additional tool. You need an additional tool only for the geocoding of dynamic geo-characteristics. The tool 'ArcView' (which BW customers can order free of charge from the company ESRI) allows you to geocode.

Maintaining Geo-Characteristics

Determining the Type of Geo-characteristic

Before you can use an InfoObject in the BEx Map, you have to define it as a geo-characteristic. You do this in the InfoObject maintenance in the Administrator Workbench. In the InfoObject directory, select the InfoObject that you want to use and open the maintenance mode. On the "Business Explorer" tab page, in the field "Geographical Type", enter the type of geocharacteristic that you require for the InfoObject. Activate the InfoObject in order to save the assignment.

The Structure of the Shape File

To be able to use the BEx Map immediately, BW customers receive a free CD containing maps (shape files). After a few simple maintenance activities, you can display static geo-characteristics on these maps. The shape files contain the data necessary for displaying the polygons for countries and regions on the BEx Map.

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