SAP Project Design Look and Feel

SAP Project Design Look and Feel and the Fashion Sheet Designer for the mySAP Workplace can be used to change the design of the mySAP Office and all the MiniApps and IAC (Web Utility Elements). SAP gives the Model Sheet Designer as a instrument that makes it easy for the consumer to carry out these design adjustments in all applications. You may change all the frequent design components supplied in the HTML Enterprise Perform Library, equivalent to push buttons, fields, tables, and the mySAP Workplace LaunchPad. The Model Sheet Designer can be utilized to adapt the pictures used (such as screens and graphics) as effectively as the colors and fonts of the elements. You can't use the Model Sheet Designer to alter the structural design of the mySAP Workplace. Such far-reaching modifications can be made with the Portal Builder.

The design inquiries to be answered are:

  1. Who is accountable for the design of Web and intranet functions?
  2. What are the customers’ corporate pointers for the design of Internet and intranet purposes?
  3. Is it doable to maintain a normal design, or is it necessary to change the Workplace appearance?
  4. What type of design modifications are required?
Recommendations and suggestions embrace are System directors can use the Portal Builder to vary fashion sheets to create a new layout and design for his or her Workplace.

Challenges of mySAP Initiatives:

Technology Issues

Technical points on classical SAP R/3 initiatives performed a secondary function in favor of optimizing business processes and companies’ efficiency. Expertise was the enabler. Technical implementation inside a full R/3 challenge normally did not price greater than 10 % of the whole funds, excluding hardware costs.In the world, the design, definition, and implementation of collaborative e-business processes are also the key. However, now technology performs an ever-rising and more important function than it used to, in phrases of its complexity, number of servers, and the mixing into the Net world. The dearth of seeing the growing needs for technology specialists and the precise tools can severely have an impact on the success of those advanced e-business projects. In some of the mySAP options, resembling mySAP CRM, the proportion of technical implementation compared to the worldwide venture can vary into the forty or 50 p.c vary, relying on the particular application.

Programs Panorama

Designing a system panorama for mySAP means defining the technique and layout of a bunch of servers where the mySAP solutions can be put in, configured, and, finally, used productively. Normally for each of the solutions, a group of three types of programs is beneficial:

  1. A development system, for configuration (customizing) and development
  2. A quality assurance system, where the previous work will be tested
  3. A productive system, the place precise finish customers work with real transactions and operations

Moreover, within the surroundings, we'll find Web servers, ITS methods, and in some circumstances, other additional systems, corresponding to index servers, mobile gadgets, and others. The problem of planning, defining, and configuring a methods panorama may be very
necessary, because it isn't an isolated difficulty and can have a direct influence on different technical issues, primarily on programs sizing, how the customizing settings and developments are transported to other programs, and the way the testing will doubtless be performed.

The design of the methods panorama can have a direct affect on the duties involved for installing and configuring the mySAP programs, as effectively as for their administration and monitoring.

Some issues for this exercise are:

  1. A methods landscape configuration requires cautious planning and programs sizing. Experienced technical consultants should perform this in the context of the method it will affect other technical issues.
  2. The programs panorama design has to be clearly communicated and explained to the undertaking workforce, even if the challenge staff isn't technical, and have to be reflected within the undertaking procedures. It is extremely frequent to affiliate undertaking issues with simply “machine” problems.
  3. Medium-term and lengthy-term plans needs to be thought-about so there's a step-by-step strategy to a full e-enterprise methods scenario.


Sizing is the method of analyzing and estimating the computing wants for the systems infrastructure, installation, and operation, by way of computing power (CPU, memory), server’s distribution, disk volume, and network bandwidth. This is a very advanced and never-accurate course of, which requires extra involvement than it's generally given, requiring the help of not only SAP and the hardware vendors, but in addition the IT division and finish users so that a better estimation of real work will be performed. In phrases of the distinction from classical R/3 programs, for mySAP options, the sizing is a matter of both the specific solutions being carried out and the notice of the alternative of hundreds of connections through the Internet. A failure to supply a great service stage to users or enterprise companions might be a disaster.For these reasons, sizing on an total mySAP system landscape includes the following parts that have to be considered:

  1. Several forms of and possibilities for installations, which might be a factor of how many servers and the applications to be installed in every of them
  2. The hardware and community configuration, together with Internet entry
  3. Disk volume and the layout and measurement of the file systems for every solution
  4. The installation of the totally different databases
  5. Anticipated programs availability
  6. Distribution of servers and services

Finally, the objective of the sizing course of is to calculate some essential figures, such as how a lot CPU energy will probably be needed (sort of processors, memory, number of servers) for every system within the panorama, how large the databases will probably be (disk space vital), and the minimum recommended network infrastructure. The quality of the sizing can be simply as good as the standard of the data supplied by the customer.

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