SAP Project Go Live and Support

SAP Project Go Live and Support starts the productive operation. The initial interval after going reside is the true evaluation period for every thing carried out and designed in previous mission phases. Most often, it's endorsed to have a progressive productive begin, so that there's time to react to typical problems throughout this preliminary interval, like:

  1. Not enough bodily resources corresponding to network, printers, and others
  2. Issues when printing studies, spool saturation, repetitive sending of the identical output by the identical users, and so on
  3. Wrongly configured end customers’ desktops, mistaken server, deleted information, assist files not reached, and so on
  4. Experiences and transactions not utterly meeting the full user wants
  5. Bugs in the usual programs requiring patches or repairs
  6. Database or run-time issues when operating reviews or transactions with real knowledge
  7. Including new customers to the system
  8. Lack of end user coaching
  9. Help desk technique not properly defined or not defined at all
The degree of success or failure (unfavorable person response) on this initial interval of productive operation can be an element of the completeness and accuracy of the earlier phases and the way the possible issues were issued.

On this part, a superb process for speaking with SAP or partners to request their providers could be necessary, for instance, the conclusion of Early watch (preventive upkeep) services. Additionally it is the section for testing the standard of operation and system administration procedures. Soon after, there will in all probability be a culture the place essentially the most frequent forms of issues (round eighty to 90 percent) will already be categorised and may be shortly solved.

From the technical and administration viewpoint, after the initial adaptation to the productive operation, there is a time for managing completely different activities of the productive mySAP system, comparable to:
  1. Managing the transports and change requests
  2. Making use of and installing patches (collections of corrected applications and transactions)
  3. Planning Early Watch sessions
  4. Making modifications and configurations as recommended by Early Watch reviews
  5. Watching the systems performance and tuning most critical stories and transactions

Implementing an Enterprise Portal with my SAP Office

This overview ought to help mySAP Workplace prospects to plan Office projects. It can be helpful for venture managers and relies on the practical experience of a bunch of experienced consultants in mySAP Workplace projects.The mySAP Workplace gives users with centralized, easy-to-use entry to all the knowledge, purposes, and companies they should participate in collaborative business processes. In an Enterprise Portal undertaking, which includes completely different data,
purposes, and services, quite a few totally different departments are involved.Which departments these are depends upon the corporate structure. This section provides a fast overview about crucial questions that have to be solved during your project.With this overview, you are able to plan your work groups; the required information and this overview give you an thought concerning the time schedule.

As an example, the following departments can or must be involved:

  1. Network administration
  2. Security department
  3. SAP R/3 primary administration
  4. Application or business administration
  5. Design or intranet/Web department
  6. Web content material management
Structure and Technical Infrastructure

An Enterprise Portal is a mission-critical system to reach e-business. Whether it is not accessible, most customers-which may very properly be your prospects-can no longer work. Thus, high availability and reliability is key to Enterprise Portal deployment. The mySAP Workplace is constructed on dependable expertise that supports 24/7 operations.The underlying technology of the mySAP Workplace server is platform independent and provides all high-availability features supported by mySAP technology.Primarily based on state-of-the-artwork SAP technology, the mySAP Workplace gives a highly scalable architecture that can serve 1000's and thousands of customers across the world.

Primarily based on an ITS (Internet Transaction Server) structure, the inquiries to be answered are:

  1. Is high-availability required? Excessive-availability may be realized on the Net server, the ITS server and on the R/three system.
  2. Should the ITS server be installed as single- or twin-host installation? Is a single-host installation enough?
  3. Where ought to I place mySAP Office server in the network?
  4. The place ought to I place the ITS server in the network?
  5. Is there enough bandwidth? How a lot do I want?
  6. The place does the Office consumer connect to the network?
  7. Where are the appliance servers positioned?

Some suggestions and suggestions are:
  1. It is strongly recommended to install the ITS W-Gate and A-Gate on separate hosts (twin-host set up) due to security and scalability reasons.
  2. A single host set up is adequate for a test installation.
  3. Spreading the Office panorama over completely different machines increases the scalability of the whole system.
  4. More ITS servers might be added throughout productive operation.
  5. For efficiency reasons, it's a good suggestion to convey the Net browser as close to as attainable to the Net server (the W-Gate).
  6. A good response time is essential for person acceptance.
  7. The change from the SAPGUI for Windows to the SAPGUI for HTML always will increase the response time.
  8. The Workplace server is never the bottleneck. The community in your WAN will be the limiting factor.
  9. For ITS servers, a two-processor machine with no less than 512 MB RAM and not essentially greater than 10 GB exhausting disk is recommended.

MY SAP Project Report Role Concept

Via its role idea, mySAP Workplace Enterprise Portal ensures that solely related content material is provided to the user. Users find entry to all data, applications, and companies based on their each day duties or fields of interest.The mySAP Office position idea is designed to work for all customers you want to serve with an Enterprise Portal no matter whether or not they are internal that is, employees or sales representatives-or external: for instance, a bank that desires to serve its clients would possibly create roles for prospects, buyer non-public banking, and buyer corporate banking.

To jump-begin mySAP Workplace implementation, SAP delivers role templates.These may be adjusted to the wants of the corporate and the audience to be served. The questions to be answered relating to the position concept are:
  1. Which roles or activity teams exist? Can they be reused on the Workplace?
  2. Can I use SAP commonplace roles or do I have to create my own individual roles?
  3. Which MiniApps and Web links are required in the roles?
  4. What quantity of transactions needs to be in one position as a most?
  5. What quantity of roles should be outlined?

Recommendations and tips include:
  1. It is recommended to create small simple roles instead of huge and sophisticated roles to keep away from unneeded entries in the LaunchPad of the user.
  2. Within the first phase, it's helpful to create general roles that can be used by all employees. For example:
  3. ESS eventualities (trip application, change of tackle and financial institution data, time sheets)
  4. B2B eventualities (create shopping basket, verify purchasing status of shopping basket)
  5. Very fashionable intranet hyperlinks (menu, firm news)
  6. Existing roles could be transferred from the component systems to the Office server by RFC (Remote Operate Calls), transport or file copy.Downloading by RFC is essentially the most handy way.
  7. If possible, go to each Office user and verify his or her each day work. Discover out which transactions are actually used, which information is needed, and which servers (functions) are involved.
As a summary of the importance of this matter, the next points should be observed:

  1. Most important half in the undertaking
  2. Very time-consuming
  3. Ongoing work to continue an operation
Thus SAP Project Go Live and Support is a crucial phase and we need to make all the corrections needed to make the efficiency better.

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