SAP Controlling and Information System

Information System works and helps in extracting the required data from SAP data base.You can analyze all the data stored for Profit Center Accounting using the Standard Reports or your own Drill-down reports and Report Painter reports. If your system stores line items in Profit Center Accounting, you can call up a line item report and then access the original documents from these reports.

You can carry out a more detailed analysis of the postings to Profit Center Accounting using line item reports. This lets you access the actual and plan line items in Profit Center Accounting,provided that your system stores these. From the actual line items, you can also access the original FI, SD, MM or CO document.

The master data index provides you with an overview of the master data in Profit Center Accounting postings for each revenue or cost element broken down by profit center.The summary record display gives you direct access and control of the data stored in the summary record table GLPCT.

Standard Reports

The standard reports and report groups are found in the libraries 8A2, 8A3 and 8A4. They can roughly be divided into the following groups:

The area profitability reports display the profits for the selected profit center(s). These are not broken down into revenue and costs elements. Typical reports of this type are the plan/actual comparisons, a period breakdown or profit center return on Investment . These reports are meant to give the user a quick overview and serve as a springboard to the other report types.
The group reports display the profits of a profit center group broken down according to the selected revenue and cost elements. These reports are meant to provide the persons in charge of profit centers with a more detailed analysis of their area of responsibility. These reports also let you use the function Variation.
In addition, some of the reports also display selected balance sheet items (fixed assets, current assets, payables) and the return on investment calculated from that, broken down according to the selected revenue and cost elements.The profit center reports contain the individual profit centers broken down and summarized according to a profit center group.

Another type of report is the plan/actual according to accounts reports for Profit Center Accounting. These reports contain the postings for each account broken down by profit center. Alternative report currency reports contain a number of the above reports which you can execute in any currency.

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