SAP Profit Center Basic Structure Continued

SAP Profit Center Basic Structure deals lot of aspects and this post is continuation to the previous one.

Assigning Materials

The assignment of the material masters to profit centers is the basis for the assignment of sales and production orders. Furthermore, it forms the foundation for internal goods movement transactions and for the transfer of material stocks to Profit Center Accounting.Materials are always assigned to a profit center at the plant level. The example illustrates some of the options this approach provides:

ŸA profit center that represents a material, crossing all plants (Profit Center I)
ŸA profit center that represents a plant, including all materials for the plant (Profit Center II)
ŸA profit center that represents a material for a specific plant (Profit Center III)
The plant is assigned to a company code, which is in turn assigned to a controlling area. This controlling area must be the same as the controlling area to which the profit center belongs.You can assign materials directly in the material master or use the fast assignment function. n Material master maintenance is divided into several views. If your material has the Sales:

General/Plant Data view, you enter the profit center in the General plant parameters of this view. If this view is not relevant for this material (for example, with raw materials), you maintain the profit center in the Storage 2 view, also in the General plant parameters. However, it is always the same Profit Center which is shown in different views.

Assigning Production and Sales Orders

A production order contains its assignment to a profit center in the order master record. For PP production orders or process orders, you can find the profit center in the Allocation tab. For CO production orders, the profit center is located on the initial screen.When you create a production order, the default profit center is taken from the master record (general plant parameters) of the material being produced. For process orders, the system proposes the profit center for the main product in the order. You therefore usually do not need to enter the profit center manually.

All the costs and internal cost allocations posted to the production order are passed on to the assigned
profit center, along with the credit posted when the production order is delivered or settled. The assignment is also used for transferring work in process on open orders to Profit Center Accounting. Production orders are assigned to a plant. Each plant is assigned to a company code, which in turn is assigned to a controlling area. This controlling area and the controlling area of the Profit Center must
be the same.

In sales orders , each order item is assigned separately to a profit center. You can find the profit center under the menu option Edit-> Item -> Account assignment. The default profit center is taken from the material being sold. You therefore usually do not need to enter a profit center manually.

Assignment Through Substitution

Defaulting the profit center in a sales order item from the material master plant data assumes a product-oriented division of profit centers (based on the material), a geographical division (based on the plant), or a combination of both.If you wish to structure your company from a sales-oriented rather than a production-oriented view,you can also determine a profit center from the available fields in the sales order header or item with the help of substitution rules.

The following is a partial list of the fields from the sales order and related information which can be used to derive the profit center assignment:

ŸSales organization
ŸSales office
ŸSales district
ŸDistribution channel
ŸBusiness area
ŸCustomer group
ŸStorage location

If the system finds a valid substitution for a sales order, it uses this instead of the default found using the assignment on the material master record.

Monitoring Assignments

The assignment monitor provides you with an overview of all the assignments you have made to profit centers and supports you when you make or change assignments. For example, you can call up a list of cost centers which have not been assigned to a profit center or those cost centers which are assigned to a particular profit center or profit center group. When you display the list online, you can jump from there directly to the transaction for changing the object. That way you can make any missing assignments or correct any incorrect ones.

The menu Material also contains the option Fast assignment, which lets you assign a large number of materials to a profit center quickly.The menu Orders lets you analyze the following types of order: internal orders (CO), imputed cost orders (CO), CO production orders, PPS production orders, process orders, network headers and maintenance orders.The menu Cost objects contains the general cost objects as well as the cost objects for process manufacturing.

Incorrect assignments lead to incorrect transaction data in Profit Center Accounting, which usually can only be corrected with great difficulty. You should therefore check your assignments very carefully.

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