SAP ABAP Frequently asked questions Part One

Is there any standard SAP report which gives a count of the number of times a program is executed ?

A: Try transaction STAT

Q: When we create a customer the information is updated in structure RF02D and the some tables like KNA1 are updated. How can we find the tables for master data transactions?

A: Go to ABAP Workbench -> Overview -> application hierarchy - SAP -> follow the customizing based tree for your application. Double click on a lowest hierarchy level to get for the correct marked development class. Here you can find all the tables, views, logical databases etc. used for a system operation.

Q: How can we use CAD with SAP ?

A: Third party tools from Eigner + Partner provide interfaces to SAP. Another third party software - Fastlook Plus from Kamel Software enables you to view all of the Autocad formats.

Q: How can I access SAP through Internet?

A: SAP has its own Internet transaction Server (ITS) . Other products include Haht, WebObjects, NetDynamics etc. Each product has its' own architecture.However to access the database, access paths SAP GUI or RFC Channel have to be used.

Q: How can we transport the standard text?

A: Refer note 3355 in OSS for a complete explanation. The SAPscript objects that should be transported must be written in a transport request.The entries are as follows:

R3TR FORM NAME (NAME = Name of the layout set)
R3TR STYL NAME (NAME = Name of the style)
(OBJECT = Text object, NAME = Text name, ID = Text ID, L = Text language)

If you want to transport a number of texts, you can use report RSTXTRAN to insert the individual text keys into a correction. The transport request must be entered and released via the transport system.

Q: How to find what transactions a particular user was running for a given period in the past (Eg: from 1st of a month )

A: You may use the transaction - STAT.

Q: We want protect/lock a field so that only selected people can change the value while others can only read. How to set the authorizations?

A: Create an authorization object for change mode. Loop at screen in the user exit and set input to 0. Check the user based on sy-uname and the authorization. Decide whether input should be 0 or 1.

Q: How to lock an user defined transaction for some time during which no user can access the same?
A: Use transaction SM01. Scroll through the transactions and check against the transaction to be locked. And after the maintenance is over, go back to SM01 and uncheck the same to unlock.



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