Work Flow Scenarios in Sales and Distirbution of SAP ABAP Part three

Preparation and Customizing (SD-SLS-RE)

All the users who have been identified in Customizing for the SAP Business Workflow may release credit memo requests. These users can also be assigned to different organizational units.Organizational units are areas within a company that belong together for organizational and business purposes, such as a department.The following organizational units, positions and the people who fill them have beenset up in the system:

Organizational unit Chief position Filled by

Sales organization 0001 Sales manager Miller

Sales area 0001/01/01 Group leader Haywood

You can set up the organizational plan in Customizing for Basis. In the Implementation Guide, choose Basic Components _ Business Management _ SAP Business Workflow _ Edit organizational plan.

Event-Receiver Linkage

The event created for object type BUS2094 (credit memo request) is the triggering event for the workflow template 20000009 and is the standard entry in the event linkage table. In order to start the workflow template, you must activate the linkage between the triggering event and the workflow template, as the receiver for the event, in Customizing for the SAP Business Workflow.

Activate Event-Receiver Linkage

1. Make the settings in Customizing (choose Basic Components _ Business Management

SAP Business Workflow __Perform task-specific Customizing).
2. Activate the event linkage for the workflow template (Sales and distribution Sales Activate event linking).You can also activate the event-linkage by generating workflow template 2000009directly. Using and Linking to the Application Functions (SDSLS- RE)


In the following description, we assume that you have created a credit memo request.Generating Events The created event that triggers the workflow is created automatically once a credit memo request has been created.

Processing Credit Memos

The people who have been assigned to this task receive a work item in their inbox. If this work item is executed, the credit memo can be released, canceled or processed.
You can call up the inbox by choosing Office __Inbox.

Change Master Contract (SD-SLS-OA)

In companies that use a high number of contracts, several contracts are often subject to the same business controls (for example, agreements on pricing or terms of payment). Contracts with the same business requirements can be linked to a master contract as lower level contracts.The general requirements stipulated in the master contract are then valid for all the lower level contracts assigned to it. The referencing procedure acts as a set of rules in Customizing which enables you to control which data from the lower level contract can be changed and which data has to agree with the master contract. This ensures that the defined requirements remain consistent in all the assigned lower level contracts.

If any of the fields in the master contract that have to be identical to the equivalent fields in the lower level contract are changed, these fields must also be changed in all assigned lower level contracts.The workflow enables you to control the process of changing master contracts simply and efficiently . All the lower level contracts assigned to a master contract are updated and the employees involved are automatically informed if an error occurs, such as an application error or if the document is blocked.

Process Flow

Changing the master contract triggers a workflow that accesses the assigned lower level contracts and automatically copies the changes to the lower level contract. If an error occurs, a work item appears in the inbox of the person who changed the master contract, who has to process it manually. A separate window displays all the changes that have been made for information purposes.

If a temporary error occurs in a lower level contract that you want to change, for instance, it is blocked because someone is processing it, the system carries out the changes later on in the background. You can decide how much later on the system makes the changes by making the settings for a time span in Customizing. If the system cannot make the changes after several attempts, the person who changed the master contract receives a work item in their integrated inbox. When you trigger the work item, the system tries to change the lower level contract in the background again. If an application error then occurs, the system replaces the work item with a
new one that can only be processed online.

In order to guarantee consistent data retention, all the lower level contracts that are to be changed are blocked until the workflow has finished. Once the changes have been made, the workflow finishes and the document is unblocked.


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