ABAP Frequently asked questions ON Report Formating and Events

What is the limit for the length of a page if the page length is not specified in the report statement.

60,000 Lines.

How can Symbols or R/3 icons be output on the screen?

WRITE symbol-name AS SYMBOL.
WRITE icon-name AS ICON.

What are reports?and how do you set up reports?

A report program reads and analyzes data from one or more database tables without modifying the database. Usually, the result of such a report program is in the form of a list which is output to the screen or sent to a printer.
What are the different types of programs?
I Include Program
M Module Pool
F Function Modules
S External Subroutines
1 Online program

Events in Reporting ? Explain ?

The following events occur at runtime of a typical report program which uses logical databases:


Point before the selection screen is displayed

When you start a program in which a selection screen is defined (either in the program itself or in the linked logical database program), the system normally processes this selection screen first. If you want to execute a processing block before the selection screen is processed, you can assign it to the event keyword INITIALIZATION.


Point after processing user input on the selection screen while the selection screen is still active.The event keyword AT SELECTION-SCREEN provides you with several possibilities to carry out processing blocks while the system is processing the selection screen.START-OF-SELECTION Point after processing the selection screen.


gives you the possibility of creating a processing block after processing the selection screen and before accessing database tables using a logical database. You can use this processing block, for example, to set the values of internal fields or to write informational statements onto the output screen.At the START-OF-SELECTION event, also all statements are processed that are not attached to an event keyword except those that are written behind a FORM-ENDFORM block.

GET table Point at which the logical database offers a line of the database table The most important event for report programs with an attached logical database is the moment at which the logical database program has read a line from a database table (see Accessing Data Using Logical Databases ). To start a processing block at this event, use the GET statement as follows:


GET table [FIELDS list].
After this statement, you can work with the current line of the database table . The data is provided in the table work area list table table.
GET table LATE Point after processing all tables which
are hierarchically subordinate to the database table table tablin the structure of the logical database.

To start a processing block at the moment after the system has processed all database tables of a logical database that are hierarchically inferior to a specific database table, use the event keyword GET as follows:


GET table table LATE [FIELDS list.
In analogy to report programs that use only SELECT statements (see table in Comparison of Access Methods ), the processing block of a GET list table table LATE statement would appear directly before the ENDSELECT statement in the SELECT loop for the database table .

END-OF-SELECTION Point after processing all lines offered by the logical database.

To define a processing block after the system has read and processed all database tables of a logical database, use the keyword END-OF-SELECTION.The following events occur during the processing of the output list of a report program:

TOP-OF-PAGE Point during list processing when a new page is started

END-OF-PAGE Point during list processing when a page is ended

The following events occur during the display of the output list of a report program:

AT LINE-SELECTION Point at which the user selects a line

AT USER-COMMAND Point at which the user presses a function key or enters a command in the command field.

AT PF Point at which the user presses the function key with the function code PF

With the selection screen, ABAP/4 offers an interactive element also for report programs. You can define a selection screen without having to bother about all the details required in dialog programming.

The selection screen is always processed directly after a report program is started. The user can enter field values and selection criteria on this screen.The main purpose of the selection screen is to enable the user to control the database selections of the report program.

If a report program is started from another ABAP/4 program with the SUBMIT statement (see Calling Reports), the selection screen objects also serve as a data interface, With a selection screen defined in the report program, you can enable the user to assign values to variables with the PARAMETERS statement •determine selection criteria with the SELECT-OPTIONS statement.



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