Distribution Using BAPIs

Controlling the amount of data sent:

• IDocs can be dispatched in packets. The packet size is assigned in ALE Customizing in accordance with the partner profile.Basis Application Link Enabling Modeling and Implementing Business Processes Partner Profiles and Time of Processing Maintain Partner Profile Manually or: Generate Partner Profiles This setting is only effective if you process the IDocs in the background.

Posting of application data and IDoc status If each IDoc or BAPI is processed individually, the data is written immediately to the database. If several IDocs are processed within one packet, the following may happen:

• The application data of the successfully completed BAPI together with all the IDoc status records is updated, provided that no BAPI call has been terminated within the packet.

• As soon as a BAPI call is terminated within the packet, the status of the associated IDoc will indicate an error. Application data will not be updated. Then inbound processing is run again for all the BAPI calls that had been completed successfully.

Provided that there is no termination during this run, the application data of BAPIs and all the IDoc status records are updated. This process is repeated if there are further terminations. Note: Packet processing is only carried out if there is no serialization.

Error handling You can use SAP Workflow for ALE error handling: • The processing of the IDoc or BAPI data causing the error is terminated. • An event is triggered. This event starts an error task (work item).

• Once the data of the BAPI or IDoc has been successfully updated, an event is triggered that terminates the error task. The work task then disappears from the inbound system.



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