Work Flow Scenarios in Sales and Distirbution of SAP ABAP Part Seven

Standard Role AC2000045: Agent for Internet Sales :Order (SD-SLS)

This standard role determines positions or organizational units that are assigned to a sales office or sales area transferred in a role container.If this container includes a reference to a sales office (parameter Sales office), the employees responsible for this sales office are determined. If this role resolution leads to no employees being determined, or the container does not contain a sales office (because one is no defined for the online store), the employees responsible for the sales area (parameter Sales And Distrib Area) are selected.The structure and assignment of SAP organizational object types Sales office and Sales area to object types of organizational management in Customizing is described later in this document.

Workflow Template: Correcting errors in Internet sales :orders (SD-SLS)


If an error occurs in a sales order or quotation in the IAC “Online Store”, the system starts a workflow based on the template SD_KI_WF.

Workflow template: 20000169, abbreviation: SD_KI_WF, name: Correct errors in Internet sales order Triggering events of the workflow template.

The event erroInternetCreate (error creating in the Internet) for object type BUS2032 (sales order) is the triggering event for the workflow template.

This “link” between the event and the workflow template to be triggered is deactivated in the standard system and must first be activated in Customizing for SAP Business Workflow, before the workflow template is actually triggered.

Preparation and Customizing (SD-SLS) :Workflow container and binding

As the workflow can only be started if a sales order or quotation is not created because of an error, no object reference to a sales order is availabe.

The information exists as event parameters in the container of the triggering event and must be transferred to the workflow container via a binding.

As a result, the following binding definition between the triggering event and the workflow container is defined in the standard system:

Workflow container Event parameter container
MessageType MessageType
MessageID MessageID
MessageNumber MessageNumber
MessageText MessageText
MessageDetail MessageDetail
OnlineStore OnlineStore
OstoreDescription OstoreDescription
SalesDocumentType SalesDocumentType
RequestedDelivDate RequestedDelivDate
PricingDate PricingDate
SalesOffice SalesOffice

SalesAndDistribArea SalesAndDistribArea
OrderingParty OrderingParty
MaterialList MaterialList
SalesOrderSimulate SalesOrderSimulate
PaymentMethod PaymentMethod
PaymentCardType PaymentCardType
CardNumber CardNumber
ExpirationDate ExpirationDate

These elements have been created in addition to the elements available in the standard system.


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