SAP ABAP HR programming report sample for EEOC

SAP ABAP HR programming report about EEO 1 report deals with compiling the EEO-1 data that US employers need to file every year with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The resulting statistic is formatted in accordance with the standards for computerized output prescribed by the EEOC. Section G (Certification) is omitted, since multi establishment employers are required to file the certified consolidated report on the original EEO-1 form.

This report only runs for employees who have a valid organizational assignment infotype 0001, including assignment to a personnel area/subarea and job. Employees must also have a valid additional personal data infotype 0077, including assignment of ethnic origin, and veteran status.
In addition, you must maintain the following system tables:

T5U0P: Every personnel area subarea has to be maintained. The following country-specific fields—with country modifier 10 (US)—must be completed:

REPUN: Reporting organizational unit
COIND: Company ID
EEOHQ: Headquarters indicator (checkbox). Must be checked ONLY for headquarters unit.
SICNO: Standard industry code (T5USC)
EINUM: INS employer ID
DANDB: Dun & Bradstreet ID

T5U13—Jobs: Country-specific field for country modifier 10 (US). For each job, the field EEOCT - EEO job category must be maintained. Standard EEO job categories are delivered.
All EEO categories must be entered into feature EEOCT, which converts job categories to the row numbers (01 to 09) in the EEO-1 report. Features may be accessed using transaction PE03.

T5UAD: For every reporting unit, an address should be created.
T5URU - EEO unit number for each reporting unit should be then created. For each EEO unit number, an address has to be assigned.

T5U0E - EEO Record: This report uses this table in several ways. The table provides:

Previously reported totals per reporting unit
Settings (that is, section C and E) for the current report
Totals for the current period (if needed)
T505R - Ethnic origin: If table T505R is modified or extended to allow additional ethnic categories, feature EEOCL (transaction PE03) must be modified to reflect those changes. Feature EEOCL yields the EEO employee category based on ethnic origin and gender.

Depending on when you run the report, you will need to consider special requirements concerning totals previously reported to the government.

. Running the report for the first time: For the period that provides the previous reported total, a record needs to be created for EACH reporting unit in T5U0E. This record should contain the totals per employee category and, preferably, the indicators for the questions in sections B and C reported for that period.

2. Running the report in subsequent periods: If the indicators for section B and C have not changed, it is not necessary to create the records for the current periods, since the report will read the indicators from the previous period. If the indicators have changed, a new record for the current period, containing the correct settings must be manually created. If desired, the report will update table T5U0E with the totals for the current period when the report is run.

Choose PA_UPDAT to create or modify the entry per reporting unit in table T5U0E .

EEOCT (Feature): Depending on the value used in table T5U13 (field EEOCT), this feature must be modified to yield the correct row number for each EEO category.

This report includes:

  1. Variants
  2. Execution (and print) in background
  3. Standard selection fields available
  4. Additional selection fields via the Further Selections or Matchcodes buttons
  5. Data output formatted in accordance with the standards for computerized output prescribed by the EEOC.
To run this abap report

choose System → Services → Reporting and enter RPSEEOU1 in the Program field. Then,
choose Execute to run the report.

1. Under Period, enter 06/01/1998 to 06/30/1998 in Other period and Person selection period.
2. Under Selection, enter 300 in Personnel area and 0001 in personnel subarea to limit the selection of employees.
3. Enter +3+ in Status 1/status 2/status 3 (employment status) to include only active employees.
4. Under Additional data, enter 00 1996 in Previous period. This determines the period from which the previously reported totals are read.
5. Enter 06 1996 in Current period.

This determines the period from which the indicators for sections C and E are read.

6. Choose Execute.

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